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Sunday, April 5, 2015

My 20th Birthday

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" - Lewis Carroll
[My beautiful bouquet from Georgie. Colourful flowers and Sunflowers are my favourites!]
I think birthdays are one of my most favourite times of the year, the 6th of March saw me celebrate my 20th one, and they just keep getting better! From beginning to end, there is something about your birthday that is oh so special, I feel the whole day is different to any other, like, there are little bumble bee's in the air singing a tune and everyone has a smile on their face.

Last year for my 19th I celebrated my day in Brighton, I remember everything about it, I remember talking to the staff at Choccywoccydoodah about my current studies and where I hope to be next year (at the time I was studying at CSM on my art foundation course & feeling major poop), I remember the lil stress bubble in my head as I knew I wasn't going to a university I was happy with (I was set to be going to LCC to study Illustration & Visual Media), I remember them telling me to stay in Brighton but at this point I hadn't even applied to Brighton (pst, I got into Brighton oh so last minute, the week I started LCC, I haaaated it, that week I sent over my portfolio to Brighton and got an offer within the space of 24 hours, oh so manic!) It's crazy looking back and how I never imagined I'd be where I am now. This is the first birthday I've had away from home, I honestly could not have wished to be in a better land than Brighton, it's such a joy living here, it's odd isn't it, how things eventually work out.. A little thought out loud there.. 
I've been loving, loving  all things shimmery lately, my recent love is the 'shimmer eyeshadow pen' from H&M, I pop it in the corner of my eyes and a little over my eyelids, it's the prettiest pinky colour with little speckles of gold. Complete with my favourite Kate Moss lipstick (101) and over the top I apply my Lancôme Paris lip gloss, would love to share the name of it but it's so well loved all the text has completely rubbed off, but it's a wonderful Spring peach colour. I very much enjoy wearing shimmery, light makeup, especially come Spring time, added shimmer on your 20th (and any age!) is a must!

The night before my birthday, my parents came down to Brighton for a little 'pre-birthday treat!' I always love it when they visit, I get oh so excited showing them around (even though they've been here many times before, way before I moved to uni). We wandered into town and peeked past all the funky window displays, up the hill, took some shortcuts and headed straight the mall! For oh so long I've been wishing for a MacBook, for my Illustration course and all other things, I knew I'd use the laptop as a groovy learning tool and push to make my drawings better. With so much love and gratefulness, say hello to Flounder, my new friend! It's the 13" Retina Display MacBook Pro, and so far, it's nothin' but love. I've already been trying to teach myself all sorts on it, I no longer feel the dread when using Photoshop, and Corel Painter has became my new favourite editing software!

Myself, my nan and my parents all ventured out to one of my favourite restaurants in Brighton, Pinocchio's. We had a table booked for 2 o'clock and my mum decorated the table, confetti galore! It's a wonderful Italian restaurant that I've recently discovered since living here, it serves the scrummiest Calzone pizza and a delicious chocolate pudding.
I ordered the Prawn Cocktail for starters, and a delicious bowl of Fusilli, All Arrabbiata, topped with parmesan cheese for my main course!
For pudding I ordered a chocolate and vanilla ice cream with strawberries, bananas and cream, topped with chocolate buttons, the ultimate birthday dessert. It came out sparkling and everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday - I think I'm the only person who absolutely loves it when people sing happy birthday haha, for quite an awkward and at times shy human, I really enjoy it.. But, I never know whether to clap or not at the end, or to join in with the singing.. So, I usually just do all of that along with a smile and a jig..
My mum put together this little hamper full of ingredients with the recipe from Emma Newlyn Yoga's blog. Emma, Georgie and their family have been friends since I can remember, Emma has a wonderful blog which has helped me a lot, alongside yoga - be sure to check it out for happiness, healthiness and loveliness! I can't wait to get making!

[Beth, Cisley, Me, Beth, Maya, Jo]
After the meal we came back to my place and had a cuppa and cake! My parents had bought all my cards from the post at home along with lots of presents which I was completely mind boggled about, 'twas oh so spoilt. It was so special to have my nan in Brighton, and lovely to introduce her to everyone - she loved it!

In the evening, my flatmates and Cisley all came out with me to a local bar and we danced and sang merrily and it was the perfect evening. Free shots are always a good idea, until you realise how many you've had as it's your birthday, and then the good idea doesn't feel so good.. Still, a perfect evening!

[Dream Big]
The next morning, myself and Cisley made our way into town, all we could think about was a hot cuppa somethin' and a light breakfast. We stopped at 'Presuming Eds' on London Road, it's a great breakfast spot and has the best kinda vibes in there, art covers the walls and the music gets ya feeling good. We chatted and chatted away and flicked through some fashion magazines. After topping up on hot chocolate, we wandered up the road to the Open Market and bought the most delightful Sunflowers, shortly followed by having our lunch in the park - it was the sunniest day, and one of those special times I'll always remember!

A selection of birthday polaroids - [Myself, Hugo, Beth & Andy | Dad, Nan & Mum | Myself, Gilbert (broccoli) & Jerek (elephant)]
The celebrations continued pretty much all weekend (woop) and on the Saturday evening a lovely bunch of friends from home came down to Brighton and joined me and my uni pals for a night out. From what I remember, it was a bloomin' fun night, full of love, 80's music and one too many gin and tonics.. Thank you wonderful friends, for making it so special!

As I had just turned 20, it was vital I covered my face in sequin stars and gems.. Everything's so much better when you have stars on your face. When in doubt, just add glitter.

Everyone came over to our place and we all had drinks before heading on out! I topped up my new cake stand with plenty of sweets and placed lots of party poppers and bubbles about the place - all the crucial essentials ya need, obvs..

['Everything is going to be okay']
I was so over the moon with all the loveliness, I was spoilt with some beautiful, thoughtful presents this year, here's just a selection! My mum and nan bought me a collection of books which I'm still yet to get stuck into and get planning some foodie treats. I briefly read a few pages from 'Deliciously Ella' and it's got me so excited to start experimenting more with food and making it from scratch. I'd love to know if you have read any of the above books? 

The next week, after all the craziness from my birthday had calmed, I wandered off into town and did a little bit of shopping (living in Brighton is so great but bad, there are too many tempting shops..) A personal favourite thing I bought is the sweetest pastel yellow rabbit ring holder, oooooh what a surprise, it's from Tiger! My jewellery collection is ever growing, especially with rings, and with this holder being in the shape of a little bunny, how could one not! (I've named her Darla).

I've been after lace bralets for SO long now, ones I've found are either too expensive (like, ridiculously, stupidly, no, expensive) or just not the sort I was after. I was muchos, muchos pleased when finding this pretty black one in H&M, I also bought a white one too - perfect for wearing under baggy jumpers and playsuits! So comfy too!
Ah, thought I'd end my birthday post with a montage of me mugshots. I've been experimenting a lot with Corel Painter and got a tad carried away as you may be able to tell.. It was fun rummaging back through old photos, it made me realise how I still do a lot of the things I did when I was a teeny human. I still sometimes eat spoonfuls of sugar, and I've recently just made another hat out of paper (old one far left, recent one far right).. I've had a keen eye for astronauts from a young age, check out that beauty of a silver puffer coat - thank you parents, for letting me channel my inner spaceman even then.

It's been a curious 20 years so far, I don't want to be the cliched human that 'wonders what next year will bring' but there, I said it.. (Pssstttt.. this is me right now. Can I stop getting older please..)

Thanks for reading (or just peeping at the pictures!)
See you soon..

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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Ah, hello!
I'm oh so excited to share my brand new blog design! I've been planning and planning and drawing and drawing and painting and panting (ya get it) for quite the while, working to create a juicy new place for my thoughts, works and wonders on the internet. I also think I've lost out on quite a lot of sleep while doing so, but hey!

"All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight." - Shannon L. Alder

I've been blogging all kindsa things on here for a while now, but never once have I really posted any of my artwork, which is what I love doing most, most, mostest. Hence the excitement for me to start sharing lots of it! And it starts with my new design, all drawn and painted/ edited by me and have loved doing so. 

Since turning myself completely nocturnal, I've spent my evenings/ early mornings soaking my ear drums into dreamy music, accompanied with a bowl of porridge, cup of tea and my arty essentials. With a new blog design in mind I began painting the first things that came into my head, as someone who is so visually drawn to fruit and the colours of fruit, it seemed only right that I paint my first fruit love, a pineapple. I used to want to be a pineapple, but that dream was shortly lived as the realisations of me actually becoming a pineapple weren't so promising..

After many drawings and many paintings later of different things (including an Octopus which can be found on my about me page..), I just kept coming back to the pineapple, and from then on I just couldn't resist making the pineapple the lead role in my new blog design.

Amongst the mini pineapple which represents the 'o' in my name, I drew lots more fruity fruit to keep him company. You may be able to spot the dancing fruit about my blog, my fruit clan are created entirely from watercolours using the softest, finest bristled paintbrush, may I introduce, Greta the Grape, Toberson the Watermelon, Agness (with two s's) the Pineapple and Plinkton the Peach, expect to see lots more of them!

I hope you like the new design and theme as much as I do, it's been a whole lotta fun editing my illustrations and creating a space I'm happy and passionate with.

I've got lots of new posts all lined up and ready to roll, including my trip to Hogwarts (!!!), my 20th birthday celebrations and a proper introduction to many more of my illustrations and artwork!

So, thanks oh so muchly for stopping by, it's lovely to have you here!
Feel on free to have a snoop around at all the new-ness!
Ahhh, see you soon!

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