Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teenie-weenie Lush Review!

"Good morning Star shine, the Earth says hello!"

I visited the wonderful-smelling shop that is 'Lush', and I bagged a few pieces,
so I thought it would be rude not to share it with you :)

I wouldn't call myself a frequent Lush customer, but when I do pop into the store I usually find really lovely items that leave my skin feeling silky smooth! 
The products i've brought in the past array from bath bombs, neck creams, face wash, body scrub, hand soap jellies and a mixture of more. I am overall always pleased with the result of the products, so i'm not too sure why I don't shop at Lush more often!
I'm firstly going to start with the bag... I am a lover for illustrations and this bag most definitely won me over! The cute circus-themed paper bag made me extra excited to try my new purchases! (Is that sad?..)

Okay moving on...
This image displays my latest Lush buys, I will leave a link to these items at the end if my words convince you to perhaps purchase your own (or even let me know if you've tried the product yourself!)

1. Angels on Bare Skin - Cleanser 
"As gentle and as beautiful as being kissed by angels" -

So the first item I brought was this glorious, fresh, spice smelling cleanser. 
As you can see it doesn't look too appealing, but it smells SO good! A worker in the shop applied the cleanser onto my hand and it felt lightly grainy, after she removed the cleanser my hand was left feeling so soft. 

It's now been a good week since I brought this item, and I am finding it really easy and fun to apply. As my skin is generally SOO sensitive and I don't have the best luck with certain products, this really helped my skin feeling soothing and clean. As i'm still fairly new trying out this product, I will give it more time (because of course, things don't change over night), so I will do a blog in the future (maybe my 'March Favourites') as to how i'm still finding it! 

But for now, i'm really enjoying using this groovy-smelling cleanser!

2. Tea Tree Water - Toner
"Comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies" -

Secondly, I was suggested by the worker in the shop to try out this product, Lush' Tea Tree Water. As I have very, very sensitive skin I try to gather together all the natural products I can find, as my skin tends to react badly to more alcohol included products.

Before purchasing this item I was using another toner, a very strong toner which left my skin feeling sore (but I mentally thought it was helping my skin?...). So, as soon as I went to Lush a toner was one of the first things I suggested. 

When I first apply new skin products to my face I usually give it a good ten minutes to see if my face has reacted badly and turned into a red flare of rubbish-ness. But, as soon as I applied this 'Tea Tree Water' a little party took place, it's the first toner where my skin hasn't reacted badly, again as I purchased this product over a week ago, I have so far had no problems with it.

I would definitely suggest this product for anyone who has sensitive/ dry skin, as it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft, if it works for me, I hope it works for you too!

3. Vanishing Cream - Moisturiser 
"A low fat moisturiser that disappears into the skin" -

Lastly, I was advised to give the 'Vanishing Cream' a try, with very good reviews and the idea which appealed to me being that the cream vanishes when contacted onto the skin, as I don't know about you but I hate having any thick-felt moisturiser on my face. 

As you only apply a very small amount, my skin isn't left feeling clogged up or oily. At a more 'pricier-price' of £17.50 (45g) I decided I would opt for a tester as I still have a few products i'm yet to finish/use so I didn't want to overly price and stock up on moisturisers!

So far, so good! I am really enjoying this, as you really don't need to apply a lot, this small sample is going to last me a very long time! It's a great product to use after using the cleanser and toner! 

My morning and nighttime regime:
1. Apply 'Angels on Bare Skin' cleanser, wash away using warm water.
2. Spray four sprays of 'Tea Tree Water' onto a cotton pad, wipe away.
3. Apply very, very small pea size of the 'Vanishing Cream'.
4. V-wola!

Let me know what you think about these products, or maybe other products which work just as well or even better!

Thank you for reading my mini Lush review!
With love, Charlotte 

Handy links!
Angels on Bare Skin (100g) Fresh Cleanser £6.25/100g

Tea Tree Water (100g) Toner £3.95/100g - £7.25/250g

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I've been 'Polyvore-ing...' again! I recently posted my first Polyvore and since then I have created another! This time I have created a set purely based on the marvellous creations that are WELLINGTON BOOTS!

I wanted to create this set to present my love for Wellies as I love them oh so much, I own quite a fair number of the glorious shoe candy myself, and I just can't get enough of them!  I'm 90% of the time wearing these as they are super comfy and easy for on the go, not to forget the groovy colours and patterns they range in. 

I hope you like the lil set i've created, bursting with an array of wellingtons which caught my eye the most! I love, love, love bold footwear, eye-catching colours are a must I think! For now I hope you like this set and do feel free to send me any feedback!

My Joules Wellies: (other retailers are available)
Pink Spot

Wellibob - I have this style but in a different pattern, now out of stock:

Join me! It's super easy!
My Polyvore page:
Link to create your own Polyvore's:


Hunter colorful boots

Hunter knee high rubber boots
$130 -

Hunter boots
$79 -

Hunter low boots
$105 -

Barbour boots
$91 -

$59 -

Joules flower print shoes
$59 -

Joules boots
$59 -

Joules pink rubber boots
$57 -

Joules boots
$54 -

Hunter Original Tall Gloss Blue
$130 -

Hunter Original Gloss Short Pink
$110 -

Hunter Original Gloss Short Pink
$110 -

Envy polka dot buckle wellies
$28 -

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

‘Barry M’ Nail Polish Review!


I have recently purchased two brand new Barry M nail polishes from the 'Gelly' and 'Effect' range, and it is safe to say that I have found love! So without further or do, heres my nail varnish review as I just couldn't wait to share it!
I purchased these heavenly colours from my local Superdrug store, I had seen a few other bloggers mentioning the 'Blueberry' polish and how they were pleased, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on it myself! At a very purse friendly price they cost just £3.99 each, but as there was a super deal on, I bagged these two for just £6 (2 for £6)! I told myself to only buy one... But I couldn't resist so brought two... I buckled under my own nail love pressure - ahhh.

Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine - BLUEBERRY 234
Barry M - Effect - STATION ROAD 304

Why not purchase your own!
I am super happy with these nail colours, I am a nail art freak and have such a huge collection of nail polishes (I will blog about these soon!) and I am definitely eager to buy more Barry M polishes from the Gelly range!

I rushed home and quickly applied the 'Blueberry' Gel polish, it was easy to apply and I only used two coats! The best part is I didn't even need to apply a top coat as the 'gel' effect leaves a great shine!

Thank you for reading this post, feel free to leave any comments and I would be so happy to see who else has used these products and how they found them! Have a lovely day!

With love, Charlotte 

Early Spring!

It's currently 3am.. So what better to do than create a Polyvore set at 3am?!

Below is my first Polyvore set, it's such a groovy and easy website which enables you to rummage through all kinds of wardrobe pieces, it's also a dream world too because you can pair together your favourite items with no cost! (Unless your like me and now want to go and buy all the items I place together ££££).

I will be blogging seasonal fashion and accessory sets to add a bit more 'pa-zazz' to my blog! Not forgetting my occasional 'Wellington Favourite'... Oooh ooh shoe candy shoe candy!

Join me!
My Polyvore page:
Link to create your own Polyvore's:

Early Spring!

Wildfox couture sweater
$385 -

VILA boyfriend jeans
$63 -

Hunter short rubber boots
$105 -

Accessorize studded handbag

Enamel bracelet

River Island flower hair accessory
$9.29 -

$7.75 -

eBay Haul!

I just thought I would make a little post about the recent items that I purchased just last week on eBay! I personally find so many great craft items on eBay amongst small arty-farty users with their own shops. I also find that most craft bits are usually half the price which is even better!

Below are some handy links and photo snaps of what I purchased, the postage was super quick and I am really happy with my new items!

1. Jingle Bells 



The first item I purchased were these 'tiny jingle bells'! With my love for all things jingle-jangly, these were perfect and not to forget the vibrant colours. These are great for accessorising items such as clothing/ adding to key rings/ anything cotton-based. A simple needle and thread will help you to jingle ALL the way!

Handy info - Jingle Bells:
Size: 10mm
Price: £1 P&P: £1 = £2 total
Quantity: x 50

2. Bronze Brooch Backs 



Random buy you may be wondering? Well wonder no more! I brought these items as I am currently studying Art and Design and am progressing my project into creating small badges (I hope to make these avaialbe to sell soon!) and to complete my small designed badges I needed the backs!

I didn't want to go for a silver or gold brooch as I wanted my designs to keep their 'vintage' illustrated effect, as soon as these brooches were delieveered I wasted no time in applying them. The wonderful 'antique' colour gives my badges a wonderful edge and finish, the sizing was also great.

When searching for brooch backs I came across so, so many to chose from, so no matter the colour or size.. eBay is the place to go!

Handy info - Bronze Broach Backs:
Size: 20mm x 5mm
Price: £1.49 P&P: £0.85 = £2.34 total
Quantity: x 50

3. Mini Wooden Stars 



Swiftly moving on to these lil wooden crafties! If you are also like me, loves to scrap book and just loves to decorate everyday items, then these are perfect! With a small blob of glue, with these little wooden stars you can make the simplest of pages/items have a charming touch!

Handy info - Mini Wooden Stars:
Size: 1cm (you can also purchase sizes 2cm - 25pack and 3cm - 10 pack)
Price: £0.99 P&P: £0.80 = £1.79 total (prices vary depending on size)
Quantity: x 50

4. Emotion Post-it Notes


Lastly, I just couldn't resist when i fell upon these adorable post-it notes! As my post-it note collection grows by the day (is it sad to collect them?...) I knew that these would fit perfectly in my selection. They are great for basic page-finding usage.

The only tiny criticism I could place upon these stickies, are the fact that the faces are the sticky part.. I personally would love it for the faces to be poking from aside the book pages, but instead it's the writing based part. But hey! These are still great and they make me smile and i'm sure they will make you smile too!

Handy info - Emotion Post-it Notes:
Size: 5 x 1.5cm
Price: £1.49 P&P: £0.69 = £2.18 total
Quantity: x 200 individual stickies

Thank you for reading this post about my small eBay haul! I plan to do more shopping hauls, your feedback would be very helpful, let me know if you liked it or even comment with anything you would perhaps like me to review?

Happy blogging!
With love, Charlotte 

Book Review!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky
Wow-zahs. So, I read this book in under two nights during the Christmas holidays, it was safe to say that I was addicted and just couldn’t put the book down, Stephen Chbosky, you genius, you!
The story takes you on a journey through so many feelings and emotions, the feelings of inspiration, happiness, sadness and the realisation that things are going to start changing.

“An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.” I felt so many connections with this book, it came at the perfect time, it made me realise that maybe I wasn't alone in my "AGHHH I'm getting old, I don't know what I want to do!!" kind of thing...

Charlie the main character, is a freshman, he takes you on a roller coaster journey through his life, he’s love, he’s heart breaks and he’s favourite music. I could write, talk and dream forever about all the amazing quotes in this book, be sure to see a few pop up throughout my blog (as I also love quotes)! I don’t want to give anything away/spoilers, if you are yet to read this book (if not then umm - you really should!) because I really feel it’s a book you have to experience for yourself, everyone connects to stories in their own way. This book especially is a very personal one indeed.

 It just keeps getting better.. The Perks of Being a Wallflower was made into a film!
AH. So the film debuted to the big screens in October 2012. I scurried along to the cinemas as soon as the film was released and I just instantly fell for the story line. Since then the DVD has also just recently been released (AHH.) February 11th 2013 to be exact. 

Starring Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller, this is definitely a recommended film of mine from me to you to stock up on your very home shelf. 

Handy links for a possible purchase:
* Other websites to purchase these items are available! *

"So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be."

With love, Charlotte