Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Early Spring!

It's currently 3am.. So what better to do than create a Polyvore set at 3am?!

Below is my first Polyvore set, it's such a groovy and easy website which enables you to rummage through all kinds of wardrobe pieces, it's also a dream world too because you can pair together your favourite items with no cost! (Unless your like me and now want to go and buy all the items I place together ££££).

I will be blogging seasonal fashion and accessory sets to add a bit more 'pa-zazz' to my blog! Not forgetting my occasional 'Wellington Favourite'... Oooh ooh shoe candy shoe candy!

Join me!
My Polyvore page:
Link to create your own Polyvore's:

Early Spring!

Wildfox couture sweater
$385 -

VILA boyfriend jeans
$63 -

Hunter short rubber boots
$105 -

Accessorize studded handbag

Enamel bracelet

River Island flower hair accessory
$9.29 -

$7.75 -

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