Wednesday, February 20, 2013

eBay Haul!

I just thought I would make a little post about the recent items that I purchased just last week on eBay! I personally find so many great craft items on eBay amongst small arty-farty users with their own shops. I also find that most craft bits are usually half the price which is even better!

Below are some handy links and photo snaps of what I purchased, the postage was super quick and I am really happy with my new items!

1. Jingle Bells 



The first item I purchased were these 'tiny jingle bells'! With my love for all things jingle-jangly, these were perfect and not to forget the vibrant colours. These are great for accessorising items such as clothing/ adding to key rings/ anything cotton-based. A simple needle and thread will help you to jingle ALL the way!

Handy info - Jingle Bells:
Size: 10mm
Price: £1 P&P: £1 = £2 total
Quantity: x 50

2. Bronze Brooch Backs 



Random buy you may be wondering? Well wonder no more! I brought these items as I am currently studying Art and Design and am progressing my project into creating small badges (I hope to make these avaialbe to sell soon!) and to complete my small designed badges I needed the backs!

I didn't want to go for a silver or gold brooch as I wanted my designs to keep their 'vintage' illustrated effect, as soon as these brooches were delieveered I wasted no time in applying them. The wonderful 'antique' colour gives my badges a wonderful edge and finish, the sizing was also great.

When searching for brooch backs I came across so, so many to chose from, so no matter the colour or size.. eBay is the place to go!

Handy info - Bronze Broach Backs:
Size: 20mm x 5mm
Price: £1.49 P&P: £0.85 = £2.34 total
Quantity: x 50

3. Mini Wooden Stars 



Swiftly moving on to these lil wooden crafties! If you are also like me, loves to scrap book and just loves to decorate everyday items, then these are perfect! With a small blob of glue, with these little wooden stars you can make the simplest of pages/items have a charming touch!

Handy info - Mini Wooden Stars:
Size: 1cm (you can also purchase sizes 2cm - 25pack and 3cm - 10 pack)
Price: £0.99 P&P: £0.80 = £1.79 total (prices vary depending on size)
Quantity: x 50

4. Emotion Post-it Notes


Lastly, I just couldn't resist when i fell upon these adorable post-it notes! As my post-it note collection grows by the day (is it sad to collect them?...) I knew that these would fit perfectly in my selection. They are great for basic page-finding usage.

The only tiny criticism I could place upon these stickies, are the fact that the faces are the sticky part.. I personally would love it for the faces to be poking from aside the book pages, but instead it's the writing based part. But hey! These are still great and they make me smile and i'm sure they will make you smile too!

Handy info - Emotion Post-it Notes:
Size: 5 x 1.5cm
Price: £1.49 P&P: £0.69 = £2.18 total
Quantity: x 200 individual stickies

Thank you for reading this post about my small eBay haul! I plan to do more shopping hauls, your feedback would be very helpful, let me know if you liked it or even comment with anything you would perhaps like me to review?

Happy blogging!
With love, Charlotte 

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