Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teenie-weenie Lush Review!

"Good morning Star shine, the Earth says hello!"

I visited the wonderful-smelling shop that is 'Lush', and I bagged a few pieces,
so I thought it would be rude not to share it with you :)

I wouldn't call myself a frequent Lush customer, but when I do pop into the store I usually find really lovely items that leave my skin feeling silky smooth! 
The products i've brought in the past array from bath bombs, neck creams, face wash, body scrub, hand soap jellies and a mixture of more. I am overall always pleased with the result of the products, so i'm not too sure why I don't shop at Lush more often!
I'm firstly going to start with the bag... I am a lover for illustrations and this bag most definitely won me over! The cute circus-themed paper bag made me extra excited to try my new purchases! (Is that sad?..)

Okay moving on...
This image displays my latest Lush buys, I will leave a link to these items at the end if my words convince you to perhaps purchase your own (or even let me know if you've tried the product yourself!)

1. Angels on Bare Skin - Cleanser 
"As gentle and as beautiful as being kissed by angels" -

So the first item I brought was this glorious, fresh, spice smelling cleanser. 
As you can see it doesn't look too appealing, but it smells SO good! A worker in the shop applied the cleanser onto my hand and it felt lightly grainy, after she removed the cleanser my hand was left feeling so soft. 

It's now been a good week since I brought this item, and I am finding it really easy and fun to apply. As my skin is generally SOO sensitive and I don't have the best luck with certain products, this really helped my skin feeling soothing and clean. As i'm still fairly new trying out this product, I will give it more time (because of course, things don't change over night), so I will do a blog in the future (maybe my 'March Favourites') as to how i'm still finding it! 

But for now, i'm really enjoying using this groovy-smelling cleanser!

2. Tea Tree Water - Toner
"Comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies" -

Secondly, I was suggested by the worker in the shop to try out this product, Lush' Tea Tree Water. As I have very, very sensitive skin I try to gather together all the natural products I can find, as my skin tends to react badly to more alcohol included products.

Before purchasing this item I was using another toner, a very strong toner which left my skin feeling sore (but I mentally thought it was helping my skin?...). So, as soon as I went to Lush a toner was one of the first things I suggested. 

When I first apply new skin products to my face I usually give it a good ten minutes to see if my face has reacted badly and turned into a red flare of rubbish-ness. But, as soon as I applied this 'Tea Tree Water' a little party took place, it's the first toner where my skin hasn't reacted badly, again as I purchased this product over a week ago, I have so far had no problems with it.

I would definitely suggest this product for anyone who has sensitive/ dry skin, as it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft, if it works for me, I hope it works for you too!

3. Vanishing Cream - Moisturiser 
"A low fat moisturiser that disappears into the skin" -

Lastly, I was advised to give the 'Vanishing Cream' a try, with very good reviews and the idea which appealed to me being that the cream vanishes when contacted onto the skin, as I don't know about you but I hate having any thick-felt moisturiser on my face. 

As you only apply a very small amount, my skin isn't left feeling clogged up or oily. At a more 'pricier-price' of £17.50 (45g) I decided I would opt for a tester as I still have a few products i'm yet to finish/use so I didn't want to overly price and stock up on moisturisers!

So far, so good! I am really enjoying this, as you really don't need to apply a lot, this small sample is going to last me a very long time! It's a great product to use after using the cleanser and toner! 

My morning and nighttime regime:
1. Apply 'Angels on Bare Skin' cleanser, wash away using warm water.
2. Spray four sprays of 'Tea Tree Water' onto a cotton pad, wipe away.
3. Apply very, very small pea size of the 'Vanishing Cream'.
4. V-wola!

Let me know what you think about these products, or maybe other products which work just as well or even better!

Thank you for reading my mini Lush review!
With love, Charlotte 

Handy links!
Angels on Bare Skin (100g) Fresh Cleanser £6.25/100g

Tea Tree Water (100g) Toner £3.95/100g - £7.25/250g

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