Monday, April 15, 2013

Body Butters!

The Body Shop body butters galore!

Over the years I have purchased many of the amazing scented Body Shop body butters, an array of different smells of which I just can't get enough of!

Heres a little post mentioning my reviews on the textures, smells and all things body butter-y!
Also you can scroll down to the end of this post to find handy links where i've included all the links you need if you fancy purchasing your own!

The above image shows my latest collection.. I'm one of those people who buys more and more without finishing/ using up what i've already got... Overly excited purchasing I think...

1. Strawberry Body Butter
£13 - 200ml
If you're a lover of strawberries then this is the body butter for you! I tend to find with some moisturises that after a while the scented smell wears off, well, not this one! When you apply this body butter you will be smelling of sweet strawberries for hours!

This body butter leaves my skin feeling so smooth, it's really nice to apply as it's a very soft butter.
For me personally, I find the smell a tad too strong at times as it does linger for a long while, but my sense of smell is kind of strange, but anywhos! I would still highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive/ dry skin and a lover of strawberries! It smells good enough to eat!

2. Ginger Sparkle Body Butter
£13 - 200ml
HO HO HO! This seasoning scented butter will have you feeling like it's Christmas everyday! I bought this pot online early in the month of December 2012, I instantly fell for the smell as I love Christmas and the scent brought back lots of merry memories!

The only downside to this body butter is that it's only available during Christmas time! Which does make sense as it is a Christmas scent, but but but..! With a similar texture to the Strawberry Body Butter, it's super soft to apply and leaves a long lasting moisturised effect!

My only downside view to this is the name, I was fooled! As I ordered this butter online I was partially sold on the fact it said 'Sparkle' in the name, I adore sparkling moisturisers and was a tad disappointed to find there was no sparkle to the butter! But nevertheless, the cinnamon sweet smell wins me over and I would definitely recommend to keep your eyes open in December for any new Christmas scents!

3. Passion Fruit Body Butter
£13 - 200ml
Yuuuuu-mmy! For any fresh summer smelling noses out there, I highly suggest this is the butter you would like! I bought this back in Summer 2012 and, I must admit, I haven't used much at all (i'm not entirely sure why not..)! To me this is one of the least stronger smelling moisturisers, it's a subtle fruit smelling scent but is definitely one of my favourite scents out of all the Body Shop buttery products.

The slight purple colour added to this butter makes it extra sweet, again, I am easily amused when colour is involved! With the same texture to the Strawberry and Ginger butter, this passion fruit scent will make you eager for Summer to arrive! 

As this is a seasonal butter, you're unable to purchase online all year round, but I have seen a few lying around in store, so I would recommend having a look in store if you like this as it's one of the more popular butters from the bunch!

4. Coconut Shimmer Body Butter
*My all time favourite!*
£13 - 200ml
I think this pot is something like my 5th pot of Coconut Shimmer body butter?! I am obsessed! It's kind of strange that I like this though as I have never been fond of edible coconuts, but despise my disliking to coconut I have no problem what so ever with this butter. As I am one of those people which rarely tends to finish a product before moving on, this is one moisturiser which I have stuck with, finished, and brought more!

As well as smelling like a warm wintery evening it's also shimmery ahh! I tend to apply this body butter if i'm going on a night out or have a party, as the smell stays on your skin for a long time and also adds an extra shimmer to any outfit! The texture of this body butter is slightly thicker than the others, I think it applies better to the skin due to the effect of the sparkle-ness!

The prices for the 200ml body butters are all £13.00 unless discounted in the sale, I have been quite lucky and manage to use deals and offers to purchase these body butters at a discounted price, something like £9.50 and even super deals in the summer like £6 for a 200ml pot! When ordering online, be sure to look around for any discount codes as The Body Shop offer plenty of money saving deals!

5. Satsuma Body Butter
£5 - 50ml (Gift)
One of my lovely friends brought this pocket sized body butter for me for my birthday! I was really excited to give it a go as I never normally sway towards really strong/acid moisturising smells. 

As you could probably guess, this butter smells just like oranges! I so far haven't been using too much of it as i've been overall experimenting with other scents, but I must say I surprised myself when I liked the smell! It's super refreshing and adds a sense of summer to any day! If you're eager for the sun to appear, I would recommend this butter to hurry the weather along! 

Thank you for reading this post! I would love to hear if any of you guys have used any of these products or which body butters you would perhaps recommend others or myself to give a go!
What's also great with The Body Shop is that if you go into the store you are able to smell all of their huge variety of body butter scents to find which butter suits you, be careful not to give yourself a headache though!

'Makeup - Body Shop' post coming soon!

Have a lovely day!
With love, Charlotte 

Handy Links!
Strawberry Body Butter (50ml/200ml) £5.00/50ml - £13.00/200ml

Passion Fruit Body Butter (Summer) and Ginger Sparkle Body Butter (Christmas) are seasonal moisturisers, which unfortunately aren't available to purchase all year round, be sure to keep your eye out for them during the seasons as they smell and feel delicious!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dr. Martens Drench Boot

Dr. Martens Drench Boot

Dr. Martens Drench Boot by charlotteparsons featuring rubber-boots

Ahhh.. So my love for wellingtons and Dr. Martens have just exploded even more.. I'm always hovering on the Dr. Martens site for new styled shoes, and early last month I came across 'Drench Boot's. 

 These boots are made in assorted bright, bold colours, I am destined to own a pair (or two..) I think i'm going for the yellow! Do you like these too? What colour would you go for?!

Dr. Martens rubber-boots
$135 -

Dr. Martens Drench R14822001
$135 -

Monday, April 8, 2013

Random Pom-pom Tutorial!

How to make Pom poms!
(it's ever so easy, and simple.. and fun.. WOO!)

For my most recent coursework project I experimented with different techniques.. i've been making pom-poms! I photographed these images which I have now displayed in my sketch book, and I thought, why not share the easy effectiveness of making your very own!


You will need: 
Knitting wool
Cardboard/ thin (easier to cut through)
Two different sized circles (big and small - to draw round)
Pencil/ pen


With your two different sized circles, use the larger circle to create the general size. Take the smaller circle to create a hole in the middle! Use scissors to cut out your two circular shapes, and then place both of the cut out pieces on top of one another.


It's now time to start 'pom-pomming!'
Take your wool and simply wrap around the two pieces of cardboard, pulling tight and making sure nothing unravels!


Woohoo! This procedure is a little time consuming, to get the best 'pom-pom' effect make sure you cannot see any cardboard, the wool should be have a thick layer to work!


Spread apart a section of the wool, place your scissors in between the two cardboard circles. You then cut the whole way around the circle.


When cutting through the middle of the wool, you want to make sure you are holding everything in place, as you don't want pieces of cut wool to fall apart, this will ruin the pom-pom!


With another piece of wool, attach through the middle of the cardboard, begin to tie a knot. This will hold everything in place to create an effective finish!


Once you have pulled extra, extra tight and made at least three strong knots, it's time to discard of the cardboard! The cardboard circles should be able to slip over the wool, if not - simply cut away at the cardboard using scissors.


VWOLA! And there you have it, one finished pom pom!

For those desired pom pom creative people out there, I hope you found this a little helpful? 
Even if your not wanting to create a pom pom, I hope you enjoyed this little random post!


With love, Charlotte