Monday, April 8, 2013

Random Pom-pom Tutorial!

How to make Pom poms!
(it's ever so easy, and simple.. and fun.. WOO!)

For my most recent coursework project I experimented with different techniques.. i've been making pom-poms! I photographed these images which I have now displayed in my sketch book, and I thought, why not share the easy effectiveness of making your very own!


You will need: 
Knitting wool
Cardboard/ thin (easier to cut through)
Two different sized circles (big and small - to draw round)
Pencil/ pen


With your two different sized circles, use the larger circle to create the general size. Take the smaller circle to create a hole in the middle! Use scissors to cut out your two circular shapes, and then place both of the cut out pieces on top of one another.


It's now time to start 'pom-pomming!'
Take your wool and simply wrap around the two pieces of cardboard, pulling tight and making sure nothing unravels!


Woohoo! This procedure is a little time consuming, to get the best 'pom-pom' effect make sure you cannot see any cardboard, the wool should be have a thick layer to work!


Spread apart a section of the wool, place your scissors in between the two cardboard circles. You then cut the whole way around the circle.


When cutting through the middle of the wool, you want to make sure you are holding everything in place, as you don't want pieces of cut wool to fall apart, this will ruin the pom-pom!


With another piece of wool, attach through the middle of the cardboard, begin to tie a knot. This will hold everything in place to create an effective finish!


Once you have pulled extra, extra tight and made at least three strong knots, it's time to discard of the cardboard! The cardboard circles should be able to slip over the wool, if not - simply cut away at the cardboard using scissors.


VWOLA! And there you have it, one finished pom pom!

For those desired pom pom creative people out there, I hope you found this a little helpful? 
Even if your not wanting to create a pom pom, I hope you enjoyed this little random post!


With love, Charlotte 

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