Monday, May 27, 2013

Which colour are you?!

What colour are you?!

The sun is here! This means one thing.. Bright nails bright nails bright nails! 

There is never a better time to dress up your nails with groovy colours than now, I have collected together a mixture of all my 'must have' colours for nails this Summer. I have chosen colours from 'Barry M, Topshop, Models Own and Essie' as I feel these are the more reasonable priced polishes and the colours are also soo nice!

 So, which colour are you?! Have fun painting your nails this Summer, I'll be having mine bright and cheerful!

$7.55 -

$7.55 -

River island
$6.04 -

Barry M gel nail polish
$6.02 -

Screen Printing!

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” - Dr. Seuss

Apologies for the lack of posts, my overload of college coursework and exams had me occupied! Last week I had my last ever exam and my last ever coursework hand in, this means I have finished my two years of college forever!

As I didn't blog much over 'exam season' I thought I would create a post showing my exam preparations where I experimented with 'Screen Printing'!

Below I have added a series of photographs showing step-by-step on how I created my illustrated fabric. I used the Screen Printing technique for my Textiles exam; the theme was 'Inside, Outside, In-between' so I wanted to create a bag indicating the design on the inside, outside and the in-between being the different coloured fabric on the side panels.

So! Without further or do, I hope you like my Screen Printing photographs!
The prints are my own designs of my illustrated rockets!

Screen Printing machine!
Here is an image of the machine itself, the screen-printing technique is fairly simple. Each screen acts as a stencil, the design of the screen firstly has to be transferred onto acetate and this is then projected onto a screen using 'UV-Light' in a very dark room. Using a huge tap to wash away the purple paste (which is applied during the UV process) you are left with a screen to start printing!

Colour, colour, colour!
Below are the colours I used for my prints, to avoid the screens sticking to the fabric I used a clear acrylic paste and added this to each of my mixed colours. Acrylic paint is a really effective way to emphasize bold colours on fabric.

Work Station!
To get a rough idea of what my prints would turn out like, I edited my illustrations on Photoshop, the A4 piece of paper in this photo is my edited illustration, it really helped referring back to the image when screen printing as I was able to be more accurate! (Probably should have moved my phone as I managed to cover it in paint a number of times...) 

Here is an image of what the screening process looks like. I had 4 screens in total (I also had a black one but for some reason I didn't take a photo of that one...). These are what my screens looked like after I had printed hence the paint coverage...
The yellow frame moves up and down, allowing me to adjust my fabric, to start printing you have to screw in the screen to the yellow frame using the circular black bolts. This is so the screen is secure.

I wanted to try my screens on different coloured fabrics; using white mixed acrylic paint I printed my 'Outline screen' onto black fabric. I used this as a side panel for my bag to indicate the 'In-between'. 

Adding colour... 
To add the colour is super simple, pour a fair amount of the mixed paint at the top of the screen. Then, using a 'squeegee' firmly collect the paint and pull strongly towards you. It's really important that when pulling this towards you that you pull and press very hard as this varies on how bold the print will be!

Adding screens...
Below shows an addition to the above photograph, stars! It's really simple to change the screen, as I mentioned earlier, you just unscrew each screen and place in another!

Lining up...
Screen Printing can easily become a very 'inaccurate' process, throughout creating these prints I found myself constantly peering above and in-between the frame to see if my prepared print will line up with my already printed material. 

Nearly finished...
At this point I was getting delusional as I had spent the whole day in the screen-printing room, but I was nearly finished! So here I had added the red screen, I printed blue then yellow then red, this was because I found that if I did it in these steps, lining each screen up would be easier!

Finishing touches!
Last but not least, my final screen! This screen was my outline and using a black mixed acrylic I was to round up my screen-printing journey! This screen was more nerve-racking than the other screens because if this print were out of line then I would have ruined a whole patch of printing-ness (ah!)
Luckily I didn't go too far out of line! Below is my final photograph of my finished screen-printing fabric, I had so much fun creating these although my hands did ache after a while! This was my first time using the screens and I definitely look forward to using them again hopefully in the future!

To emphasize my 'rockets and alien' theme, I wanted to create some accessories to attach onto my finished bag. I created these charms by drawing the design onto a piece of wood and with the help of my teacher he carved the designs carefully, we then finished them off by using a small piece of sanding paper. I used acrylic paint to create the bold colours; I also added a thin black line around my designs using a permanent sharpie pen.

Below are two images of my finished bag (sorry for the quality of these, I took them on my iPhone so the colours are looking a tad 'wishy-washy'). In the exam we were given 12 hours, I made this bag in about 8 if I remember rightly, I had quite a fun time creating it as I never usually make things like this! The image on the right shows the inside of my bag, I added lining inside to create an 'all round' rocketing themed creation, wooo!

I hope you have enjoyed reading/ scrolling/ looking through this post!
I really enjoy creating these kind of posts so do let me know if you'd like to see more or if there anything you'd like me to blog about, ideas are always welcome!

I won't find out until August/September time to know how well I did, so I'll let you know eek.. Good luck if you have any exams or work left!

Have a groovy day :)

With love, Charlotte