Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello June - May Favourites!

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde
The month of May has left us, which isn't hard to believe as this whole year is just going by so fast! I've always wanted to blog a 'favourites' post! Below I have added all my favourite items/products from the month of May.. So, here goes!

May Favourites!

1. Simple Moisturiser 
'Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser'
2 - Vitamins     2 - Skin loving ingredients     0 - No artificial perfume or colour
I've recently purchased this bigger bottle of the 'Simple' moisturiser as I've been using the teeny travel bottles. As I try out and use a number of similar products I personally prefer buying smaller samples before as it saves me wasting any! However, I love love love this moisturiser and just had to buy the bigger bottle! 

I apply this moisturiser after I use the Liz Earle cleanse and polish (below), it leaves my skin feeling really soft and has a very subtle, fresh scent! I use this moisturiser as part of my morning and nighttime routine, my skin stays hydrated and I always look forward to applying this moisturiser which I've never had with any i've used in the past!

2. Liz Earle Cleanser 
As you can see from this image... Myself and my mum are somewhat fans of Liz Earle and tend to stock up haha. I've been using this product ever since I can remember, I personally hate using makeup wipes as my skin reacts oddly to them, so this is my alternative! It's super soft on my skin and also when ordering the cleanser you receive a soft 'muslin cloth'! 

This cleanser removes all eye and face makeup, simply using one or two pumps circle around the face gently massaging the eyes, and then with warm water wet the muslin cloth and simply wipe away all the makeup leaving a squeaky clean face! With a natural smelling scent, Liz Earle's skin collection is one of my favourites to use!

3. BarryM Blue
In one of my very first posts on my blog I did a review on this Barry M nail polish. Since then I have been addicted and am yet to purchase a second bottle of this heavenly 'Blueberry - Gelly' colour! Do excuse the bright pink nail varnish.. I hope it's not misleading haha! 

This Barry M colour is one of my favourite blues I have purchased, I have a huge collection of nail polishes myself and so I usually change the colour of my nails every two days adding all kinds of gems and patterns.. However since coming across this colour I've been a little lazy, I simply apply two coats and it lasts up to a week without chipping (unless i'm doing arty craft bits which in that case, my nails will chip!) This is by far my all time favourite nail polish colour and at £3.99, you can't go wrong!

4. Harry Potter Box-set
This is like the bible but in a DVD format... If you aren't a fan of Harry Potter, then my only question is why?! Growing up with the fantasy story has been wonderful and I'm in no way to stop watching even though the films have heartbreakingly came to an end (waaah!) I find it hard to go a week without watching a Harry Potter film, it's the first thing I put on when I get home from a day out.

I also have the Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2 in separate cases which are also favourites of mine. It's super handy having 6 of my favourite films all together, this box-set comes with me almost everywhere... It's a necessity! 

5. Reeves Acrylic Paint

During the exam and coursework season this set of acrylic paints were super handy! They were a gift from my brother at Christmas and they have lasted me ages, I personally hate to waste paint and with these being tiny tubes I manage to make them last a lot longer. 

I have a variety of other acrylic sets and tubes, however I just particularly favour more towards this set as all the colours are together and it's easy and compact when travelling! You may notice the white acrylic is missing.. This is my most popular colour as I use it a lot when mixing, so I use the '75ml Reeves White Acrylic tube' separately! 

6. Angel Perfume
As you can probably tell... I loooove this perfume! Theres nothing nicer than receiving your favourite scent as a gift and recently for my 18th I received a brand new bottle of Angel perfume along with two small tubes of shower and body lotion. Angel is the first fragrance by Thierry Mugler, it's a very strong scent so you'd only need one or two sprays, this is groovy as it lasts a lot longer than other perfumes which don't hold the smell as well. 

I'm currently sniffing the perfume and struggling to explain the smell, ahh! The bottle explains smells including: citrus, melons, peaches and plums. However theres a punchy scent within all of that which is what makes Angel so famously successful. I would highly recommend this perfume if you are looking for a sweet smell that will have people complimenting what perfume you're wearing!

7. Fern Cotton Lipstick
I received this lipstick in a huge Fearne Cotton gift set from one of my mums good friends at Christmas. Since then I have been addicted to using this as a base coat on my lips and then applying a glossy-darker colour over the top. I've been dying to buy another one of these lipsticks but I cannot find it individually anywhere! I ventured to the Bodyshop where I found a similar colour, you can find links to the alternative colours at the end of this post in the handy links section!

I've never really warmed to brightly coloured lipsticks, I personally don't think I suit them however I love them as a statement look on other people! I really love this colour from Fearne Cotton's makeup range as it's very subtle yet adds a healthier looking finish. As mentioned earlier I like to apply this subtle colour and finish off the look by adding a darker gloss colour! 

8. Minnie Mouse Ears
For my 18th birthday I jetted off to Orlando, Florida in March to visit Disney and Universal Studios/Islands. I had the bestest time ever and I'm still having withdrawals! You just can't wonder around the theme parks without wearing Mickey/ Minnie mouse ears!! I have included my Disney purchased ears to round off my favourites as I just love them, they made me super happy when I was wearing them, almost everyone at the parks participates in fancy dress, and these were a must have!

Since coming home from Orlando, I've tried to wear my ears around the house as I don't want to put them in a cupboard to collect dust! These are ideal for any Disney fan, I wear my Minnie Mouse ears most days but still yet to fully venture out locally with them on haha.. Maybe soon?! 

So there we have it, those are my latest favourites during the month of May! If you liked this post then I hope to continue posting monthly favourites for you to enjoy! Were some of the products I mentioned your favourites too?! 

Let me know if theres anything in-particualr you'd like me to post next!

Have a lovely day
With love, Charlotte 

Handy Links!
Below are a few online websites where I have found the products, other websites and stores are available!

1. SimpleSimple

2. Liz Earle - Liz Earle
Cleanse & Polish

3. Barry M
Blueberry Gelly Effects

4. Harry Potter Boxset

5. Reeves Acrylic Paint

6. Angel Perfume - Thierry Mugler
The Perfume Shop
The Fragrance Shop

7. Fern Cotton Lipstick - Alternative!
The Body Shop
As the Fern Cotton lipstick I have was part of a gift pack, they are currently unavaible to sell individually. However the Body Shop sell very similar colours! 
Why not try: Pastel Rose, Soft Sienna, Dusk Pink, Clover Pink

8. Minnie Mouse Ears
Struggling to find the exact ears I have online.. There are many different types of ears available to purchase all over the web, they all just vary!