Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This is a pretty random post, but I wanted to share an insight on what else I get up to! Kicking it off with Tumblr, I joined Tumblr back in middle school so I've had it for around 3/4 years now, and it's been interesting watching my thoughts and likes grow and change throughout the years.

When being sucked into my overload of art coursework Tumblr was a great way of taking a break but still being surrounded by inspiration and images which I aspire to create myself one day. Inspiration is a super key when you find yourself sliding down the slope of 'no-motivation' a slope I tend to slide down during solid coursework sessions. 

Back when I started I posted and re-blogged images which most likely any teenager would blog! Since growing as a person and adapting on what I like most, I've been blogging a lot about whats going on in my mind (popular imagery expression in the Tumblr-ing world) and inspiration I bounce off of when getting creative.

Link to my Tumblr:

My Tumblr consists of...
Craft ideas, quotes galore, nature, bedroom inspiration, surroundings, peace culture, spiritual and things in general which I love.

Extra random lil outlook on the inspiration front.. 
Each year since I can remember, I've spent a lot of time in Spain for family holidays. Spain is one of my favourite places in the world, it's where my Nan and Granddad have spent most of their lives, we have a family home there and just being in Spain brings back a lot of happy memories which will always be cherished! 

Since growing up their over holiday time, I've always been fascinated by the wonders that are gift shops! This is where the family tends to divide as my brother always tells me off for spending too much time inside shops rather than in the sun! Over the years I've been collecting 'dream catchers'. I have always had such a love for spiritual gifts such as charms, Buddhas, elephants, dream catchers, bracelets, bags and the Indian culture theme within them all! I find these kind of gifts and shops inspiring as I just switch off and it's almost like entering another world.. OoOoo..

Amongst this post are my latest blogged images from my Tumblr. I love neutral colours and sayings, I also sway a lot towards the wonders of the moon and the way of the world. 

Tumblr is a great site for self-expression and a wonderful view on your own styled inspiration mood board without the use of glue sticks! 

I hope you've liked a lil step into my mind! A little random but hey! Let me know if you have Tumblr and we can all hold hands and join the wonder, woohoo!

This is my source of inspiration, whats yours?!

With love, Charlotte 

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