Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art supplies haul!

"The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a load of bread are three billion to one." - Erma Bombeck

I'm going to start this post by saying "oops"..
There's a slight chance I may have gotten a tad carried away whilst shopping out in Spain during my most recent visit! Although to back myself up, I'm not aloud in the sun for 4 months (ruddy skin tablets!) so what better to do than shop my sunbathing sorrows away..

My guilty pleasure shop in Spain is this huuuuge Chinese shop which literally sells things from paper to bouncing donkeys, bikes, lunch boxes, clothes, books, plumbing pipe? Everything, this shop is like almost hypnotising and overwhelming in a "ooo what stuff don't I need but I now can't live without" kind of way.

So as I'm off to Uni in September, I thought, why not serenade my art-ing loves down the art section, I should have taken a photo of this art section, it's like a slice of heaven (and SO cheap) but I'm afraid I didn't take a picture so imagine, imagine, imagine!

As well as buying lots of art bits and pieces, I also brought a lot of other gems in Spain such as dream catchers, spiritual ornaments and jewellery etc, (let me know if you would like me to do a post about these too?) For now, here is my 'Art Supplies' haul!

1. Pencil Case
Starting it all off with a pencil case, now, you need somewhere to store all your new stationary and supplies. Over the years I feel it's safe to say I had a weird obsession with buying groovy pencil cases, I literally have about 30 in my collection... Yet since growing older I've realised that the majority of 'cool' pencil cases tend to lack in storage.. Either that or I carry way too much stuff!

Any-who's I saw this orange one and straightaway knew I would be able to fill it with lots of juicy new items without the worry of anything not being able to fit. I've since eagerly tried and everything fits nice and cosy! I can also see where everything is, avoiding the excessive rummage for a pencil!

2. Folders
Small - €0.60 Big - €0.80
Green is my all time favourite colour! So I couldn't not buy these bright green A4 and A5 folders, I wanted to get two different sizes as I want to use the A4 folder for my art work so hopefully it won't get squished and saddened when travelling, and then the smaller A5 folder for any letters/ events/ leaflets that I may stumble upon during my University experience (it's better than shoving them to the bottom of the bag!)

3. Fine Liners
Eeek, another guilty pleasure.. I also own too many fine liner pens. They are super handy and I never let one leave my side during A-Levels, I am hugely interested in Illustration, and these pens are great for accurate quality and sharpness to any drawing/ typography/ etc. I would highly, highly recommend to pack yourself one or two of these in your pencil case!

4. Pencils
Of course, pencils! I personally prefer these refillable lead pencils as you get the effect of a 'real' pencil without the annoying use of a sharpener! These are like, lazy pencils. I like me some lazy pencils. In a pack of three you can't go wrong, I don't like to lose art supplies but the often pencil or two do go walkies, if this happens to you too then be sure to pack a couple extra!

5. Colour Fine Liners
Referring back to my fine liner craze/ obsession, you gotta' have some colour! I've had a set of colour fine liner's in the past and they were so handy and well loved! Coloured fine liners add a bit more 'jazz' to any spreadsheet, workbook, art book, just everyday use when wanting to add defined colour! I brought these with a '0.4mm' tip so I can be extra accurate with finer drawings etc.

6. Colouring Pencils
I've been after these colouring pencils for a while, a vital part of any pencil case I must say. What's great about these colouring pencils is that they are 'wood-free' making the lead very easy to sharpen! There is nothing worse than sharpening a pencil and being left with lots of wood chipping's, say no more to those with these! I have had these in the past and haven't had any problems with the lead awkwardly breaking and then never being able to sharpen back to sharpest point again, great pencils!

7. Paint Brushes
These were a risky purchase as it's so easy to buy naff paintbrushes that decide to leave bristle's of the paintbrush all over your painting/ work. However, I was super excited when I used one of these brushes as they gave me the same effect as some of my professional brushes, and with the price of these being as cheap as they were, just can't go wrong! 

8. Post It's
Ah, post-it's! Adhesive sticky notes are wonderful, you can see straight through to the writing without having to remove the note with it losing it's stick in the process! If you're looking for a way to brighten up your books, then I highly suggest similar styled adhesive post-it notes when wanting to mark the pages you need! Super handy and helpful!

9. Sticky Labels
If you're like me and enjoy labelling every single item in your pencil case, then these would be great! As I brought these in Spain I'm unsure if you can purchase these exact replica's outside of Spain, but other places which sell similar stickers are: Staples, Hobbycraft, various supermarkets. You can even D.I.Y sticky labels by getting plain white paper (or a coloured paper of your choice) writing onto the paper and using scissors and glue simply apply your handmade label to your items!

10. Masking Tape
Masking tape came in handy during my A-Levels, to the point where everyone including myself were always scavenging to find a piece of the tape in the classroom! Masking tape is great for tacking up paper, marking fabric, general taping needs. Also the material of this tape means it's easy to write on it, so this could be used as another way of labelling your pencil case items. This roll won't last long at all, I tend to get through loads of this! If you're like this too then perhaps have one spare! 

11. Double Sided Tape
This is perfect for your pencil case! Double-sided tape is a much easier way of sticking in book work rather than getting sticky with a glue stick. I must have gotten through about a dozen of these in just one term, super, super handy. You can purchase double-sided tape in almost every craft shop and supermarket!

12. Craft Bells & Ladybird Pegs & 3D Ladybirds
Feeling crafty? Sewing these onto a piece of clothing/ bag/ keyring is just one way to jingly jazz up your school time. These are simple and effective and purchasing these in bold colours will make your crafty creations stand out!

I personally find pegs quite tricky to stick into my book as the book becomes harder to close flat, but when I do use pegs I always love the look that comes along with it! I just couldn't leave these on the shelf, these aren't necessarily an item for the pencil case, I've stored these in my craft box. Do you like to use these?

When it comes to book work there is nothing I love more than adding a touch of scrap booking, I have had many similar wooden crafts before and so when I saw these they had 'mine' written all over them! These cute little ladybirds add such great character to book work/ planners/ anything and everything! A unique touch of nature...

15. Safety Pins
Ah, safety pins! A very handy creation when dealing with fabric, I always find myself needing one of these and in my house (and during college) they are like gold dust! So I have put a stop to the gold dust-iness.. These were soo cheap and shall be stored in my sewing box!

16. Ribbon
€0.75 (each)
When decorating my college books and work books I love creating a scrapbook theme, ribbon is such a simple and effective way of making a boring book transform into a dainty/ crafty book. I know that Hobbycraft usually have good deals on with their ribbons and also randomly Poundland have sold gingham ribbon in the past, I just love ribbon, for anyone looking to jazz up their school books - ribbon is the answer! 

17. Decorative Storage Box
This isn't really an object that can go inside a pencil case.. But it was too pretty to not include in this post! Myself and my dad have a weird love for boxes and organisation, I saw this box and leaped for it, it's so colourful and yellow and ahh! I'm still yet to fill it with bits and pieces, but I think I will eventually be using it for important art work that I will be producing at University. So it's all together and won't get damaged/ lost!

I didn't purchase any of the other obvious 'back to school' items such as: Rulers, rubbers, glue, scissors, note books etc as I already have a fair collection of these. I hope this post has helped towards your pencil case planning and a little nosey insight on whats in mine! (Sorry I can't post any links to these items as they are all from Spain and the shop was website-less!)

Good luck those who are off to school/ college/ university/ work/ life, anywhere!

Speak soon..
With love, Charlotte 

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