Friday, August 30, 2013

Barry M review!

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'Barry M' nail polish review!

Hello wonders! 
I have returned with another Barry M nail polish review as one of my very first posts on my blog was a review on the 'Blueberry - Gelly' and 'Station Road - Textured' nail polishes and I thought, why not create another one as since then my collection has grown and is still growing! I just love these new colours from Barry M's recent collection and so here I am to shower you with all things nails and colour!

My current Barry M effects collection:
  • PINK - Gelly
  • GREEN BERRY - Gelly
  • PAPAYA - Gelly
  • KEY LIME - Gelly
  • BLUEBERRY - Gelly
  • STATION ROAD - Textured
  • RIDLEY ROAD - Textured
  • BLACK MAGIC - Crackle

Below I have taken screen shots from Barry M's website of all the colours from the 'Gelly, Textured and Crackled' range, which one is your favourite?!




Other Barry M nail effects available to buy:
  • Sequin
  • Confetti
  • Chameleon
  • Magnetic
  • Croc 
  • Foil

At a slight purse friendly price of £3.99, these nail polishes are worth every penny! I always find myself purchasing beauty products from drugstores when there is a '3 for 2' deal on as it's always satisfying when receiving another product for free! Of course these products are available all year round, the deals are more limited, but when you need nail varnish, you need nail varnish!

On with the review!

Where to start, these Gelly nail polishes are my absolute favourite! One of the great perks of these polishes is that you only need to apply about two coats and you don't need a clear topcoat! The Gelly effect adds a great shine to your nails and lasts a long time before starting to chip! There is nothing worse than buying brand new nail varnish and having it chip within the first 10 minutes! 

The colours of the Gelly's are so vibrant and add a touch of summer to any outfit. I love how nails can accessorise an outfit, the colours I currently own are my favourites from the collection! I am still keen to try Prickly Pear the soft pastel colours add a bold eye-catching look that is oh so lovely!

Textured/ Crackle:
My first ever Barry M effects purchase was the Black Magic crackle, this is my third bottle, I just love the stuff! Apply the crackle polish over a bold undercoat colour (a strong pink or blue always looks groovy!) It's super easy and effective, great if you are feeling lazy or in a hurry to create an eye-catching look!

I was so intrigued to try out the textured effect polishes, I wanted to try the yellow as I always find yellow is a risky nail polish to purchase as I find myself applying 100's of coats for the yellow to be bold and effective. However this yellow is marvelous! Only need two coats and a bumpy texture comes along with it! I really like the look these two textured colours leave on my nails, these soft colours add a hint of summer and have your fingertips smiling!

Nail varnish tower, a-hoy!

Anywhos enough with the mumble and on with the colour!
Below I have demonstrated each colour of the nail polish using my acrylic nail wheel!

These nail wheels are super handy when wanting to test out colours/ designs. A great platform for practicing and getting inspired!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be doing more nail-art related posts in the future as I love, love, love to dress up my nails with gems and patterns, and that I'd quite like to share with you all!

If you're perhaps still 'uh-ming and ah-ing' about purchasing any of the Barry M nail polishes, then I can assure you that you will be addicted from the first time the colour lands on your nails. 

Let me know your favourite colours and if you've tried Barry M effects too! 

Have a colourful-filled day!
With love, Charlotte 

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*Disclaimer* All products mentioned in this post have all been paid for by myself, all reviews are my own.*


  1. I am loving Barry M. I was on their website the other day and I couldn't believe the prices. I loaded up my shopping cart, then once I saw the shipping to the States, I almost passed out. Your swatches are amazing! - Hugs

    1. Ahh nothing worse when the price of shipping is more expensive than what you want to buy! I believe 'Essie' is in the States? I love their polishes too! Ahh thats so kind thank you! :)