Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lip Balm Review!

A little quick review on all the lip balms I've been loving!
It's nearing to winter and there has definitely been a strong change in the weather, wrap up warm and keep your skin hydrated!

1. Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Punch - £2.99
I have really been loving this lip balm, after wanting to try it for ages I finally managed to get my hands on one! I picked this up in Boots for £2.99 and so far so good! Along with it's high moisturising texture, there is also a subtle touch of colour, 'Pink Punch' appears as a Barbie pink but in fact adds a healthy coloured glow to your lips, it also tastes like fruit, mmmm!

Available in six varieties:
Hydrate - Peach Kiss - Pink Punch - Cherry Me - Mint Fresh - Intense Care

2. Carmex 'original' - £3.25
This has been my go-to lip balm, I love Carmex being in a tube, it's super easy to apply and you don't need to worry about having clean hands as appose to using from a pot! When I'm in need of an instant replenish, this is the lip balm I use!

 3. Blistex 'intensive moisturiser' - £2.63
If you're a fan of mint then pocket yourself one of these! They taste amazing, but with the liquid lip balm being white, it tends to turn your lips that colour! I've recently really been into using Blistex., my skins all over the place at the moment and with this attached to me everywhere I go, I feel a little more reassured! 

4. Carmex 'cherry' - £2.69
This isn't my favourite from the bunch, but still a very good moisturising fix! The taste, amazing.. But whenever I seem to apply this my whole mouth goes numb.. Unsure if thats the normal effect, but I guess I just don't look forward to using this one as much! This Carmex liquid form is also available in the 'original' flavour. I found the Cherry form particularly hard to get hold of, but I think it's as equally as good to the other squeezy Carmex tubes available!

5 & 6. Vaseline 'original - £2.08 & Carmex 'original' - £2.69
I currently use these two before I go to bed, I don't tend to take these out and about with me as I'm not a fan of touching door handles/ etc and then using my fingers to apply the balm, I'm sure most of you's don't like to do this either! I have been through oh so many pots of the Carmex balm, also in Cherry. These lip balms keep your lips so hydrated and prevent any sore redness/ cracking to your lips.

If you are on the hunt for a good lip moisturising fix, then I would highly suggest Carmex, I tend to use Carmex and then on top of that to add colour I apply Maybelline Baby Lips in the colour 'Pink Punch'!

I hope this was helpful, feel free to share any of your favourites!
Stay warm this Winter!

With love, Charlotte ☂

- The prices mentioned in this post are from BOOTS. Carmex and Vaseline are also available to buy in any Supermarket/ Drugstore, prices may vary.
- Maybelline 'Baby Lips' are available online and in-store - Boots, Drugstores and Supermarkets.

*Disclaimer* All views on this post are my own, all paid for by myself. 

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