Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quote of the day.. #2

Hello wonderful's,
I am here to present you with another quote, ahoy!
This is without a doubt one of my all time favourite quotes. The joy of Roald Dahl's words sends me dreaming on a path of loveliness.

(I do not own this image, stumbled upon on Tumblr)

This quote sends out a huge message:

Being positive is sometimes quite hard, of course we all have very good days but sometimes those down days tend to slip through the net. Many times I find myself in a deep thought about life and where I'll end up, sometimes those thoughts get the better of me and I find myself countlessly picking myself up with a favourite film/ song/ hobby. It's easy to get carried away in a spiral of thoughts, most inconveniently when you are trying to sleep!

I find quotes like these lift my spirits and boost me back on track. Say 'be gone' to unwanted feelings and doubts. In this current moment you are alive, think of all the good thoughts your mind can make room for! 

Stop waiting around for your next train of happiness, build up positive thoughts, go for a walk, drink more tea (or a drink of your choice that makes you smile), read a book, chase a butterfly, treat yourself, enjoy the little things.

Be happy, you will always look lovely.

With love, Charlotte ☂

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  1. I love your advice about staying positive. I used to have intrusive thoughts that kept me awake at night. Not fun! The quote by Roald Dahl is good, too :-)

    -James A. Majors