Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where am I going?!

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." - L. Frank Baum 
 Howdy, howdy, howdy!
What a crazy start to September, I haven't stopped! Started University, finished my last ever dance show and drank way too much tea! Here's a lil update on what I've been up to!
(We drove for hours and hours, visited many beautiful places, stayed in many Travel lodges and drank hot chocolate!)

So September is the month where many people start their journey by enrolling/ joining/ moving in/ all things University/ College/ School/ work related! It's a scary time, but also super exciting! 

During my last year of A-Levels I, like many others, had to make the 5 university choices within a deadline, this freaked me out and I didn't give the locations of my choices a solid thought.. For example I chose Plymouth as a choice, as well as Falmouth I am a current home-bod and the thought of being 4/5 hours away from home made me run away from even applying! Anywhos I applied to my 5 choices, went through portfolio days/ interviews/ hours of travelling and staying over. 

(During one of my university tours we were greeted by severe hail stones! Welcome to England!)

Along with applying to universities I also applied for a 'Foundation in Art and Design' at Central Saint Martins in London - Kings Cross (train station where Harry Potter was filmed *cry*). I applied for a foundation course incase I decided a 3 year degree course was too soon/ not for me/ and further unsure mind-twisting scenarios! A foundation course is an extra one year further education level, the course at St Martins includes the following to try out to see if it's the design path for you: Graphics and Communication, Fashion and Textiles, Architecture, Performance Design and Practice and Fine Art.

So in the end I had applied for 5 universities with the 'Illustration' course and 1 foundation course in 'Art and Design'

(My finished portfolio, jammed with all my artwork!)

My interviews ran from January 2013 through to March 2013.
I was so, so happy when I received 5 'conditional' offers (this means I would have a secure place at the universities ensuring I got the correct entry grades). All my interviews were successful and I had great feedback from the top teachers of Illustration. However, something in my mind was unsure, like a small grey cliched cloud raining over my confused art books and hard work. I didn't know if Illustration was for me, I needed more time and wanted to further explore art, as there is sooo much more to art than meets the eye!

In the end I chose Norwich, to study Illustration for three years! During my decision process, I had also been accepted to study at Central Saint Martins, I was over the moon as myself and my Grandad would always talk about how he's brother taught there, it's where his brother met his wife who was a dress maker and the stories and smiles were endless. From day 1 I have been hugely influenced by my families art background, something I always knew I wanted to follow. One of the last conversations with my grandad was about art, we had spoken about me going to St Martins before but I never thought it would happen. My Grandad was and still is a huge deal to me, so I knew all I wanted was to aim for what we'd always spoken about. 

This changed everything! I knew more than anything that if I went to St Martins my grandad would know where I was.. I don't know about you but I am a huuuge believer in all the spiritual kinds of things, and I don't know I just guess all the signs were pointing to do the Foundation course.

With days of deciding, ups, downs, confusment (now a new word..), I didn't know what planet I was on. My brain/ mind went for a long wonder and I came to the deciding moment of opting for the foundation course at Central Saint Martins. I declined my 'un-conditional' offer from Norwich and everything just fell into place. 

(Catching the train for my first enrolment!)

And so, I guess this brings us to now! I have since then successfully enrolled and am now a student at Central Saint Martins studying Art and Design, the first thing my nan said to me was "Grandad would be so proud." That's all I seemed to focus on for a while! It's all happened so fast! Can't believe I'm here and I'm so excited to see what happens next, I started on the 4th September and am really enjoying the course so far! Let me know if you would like to see any snippets of my art and what I've been up to!

 (Sitting outside my new Art home for the next year!)

 (Cute frozen yoghurt van on the way to the University..)

EEEK, fangirl moment... During London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to bump into Pixie Geldof, Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne, Anna Wintour and Daisy Lowe! The Erdem Fashion show was being held at my Uni! I was listening to the catwalk rehearsals whilst drawing structural work as part of my project early in the morning with no clue who was going to appear at the show that afternoon! When I moved back inside it was crazy, I was literally sitting in my classroom watching my main fashion idols/inspirations walk past my very eyes.. 

The show finished just as our lunch break started, so off a few of us went to grab a photo! I was so happy to be able to speak to Daisy, Poppy, Pixie and Alexa, they were all so kind and even beaaaautiful-er in person! The perks of studying/being in London! 

Dance school!
I have been a student and teacher at my local dance school 'Fi Steps' for seven years now. I knew there would come a day when I would have to hang up the dance shoes and be on my way. I never thought I would have to leave, but with university piling on the work, there is simply not enough time for solid commitment elsewhere. Art is my passion and I knew I had to follow this.

On Saturday 14th September I had my last ever dance show with Fi Steps, along the way I have met unforgettable friends, danced to 100's of routines, performed in places such as The Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesties Theatre, local theatres, school fates and many more! I have done unimaginable things and laughed/cried oh so much!

My dance girls are like my second family, and couldn't have imagined life any differently without them (cheesy, but true)! It's safe to say I was a complete crying state when it came to saying goodbye, however it's never goodbye and I can already feel myself swaying towards returning for the odd dance here and there..

I wish all my friends every luck in the world and I can't wait to watch future Fi Steps performances! Love you all!
(A collective collage of images over the years!)

There we have it, my lil update on life and September!
So wherever you may be off in the world, be sure to have a wonderful experience, explore the things you love in life and give it all ya got! Good luck!

With love, Charlotte 

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