Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn-ness, brrr!

"When Autumn leaves start to fall.." 
Take a wonder from what you're doing, escape and explore the seasons change! It's my favourite time of year, the colours are practically edible and the layers keep layering as we slowly approach Christmas (eek!) It's important to breakaway from routine, admire the simple things in life and keep happy.

(Source: ChaseTheRabbitIntoWonderland)
(Source: ChaseTheRabbitIntoWonderland)
I've collected these images from Tumblr, something to feast your eyes on to get into the autumn spirit! I hope you're all having a warm-ish start to the weather change so far, the gloves and scarves have well and truly returned as saviour clothing items! 

Without a doubt one of the best things is listening to your favourite songs, drinking tea/ coffee/ hot chocolate and being all cosy and appreciative. Indulge your ear drums into this wondrous music:

'Bon Iver - Towers'

Favourite, favourite, favourite song at the moment, it just never gets old! Also find myself escaping to: Ben Howard,  The 1975, Birdy, Gabrielle Aplin, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Haim, Daughter, John Mayer (AHH, and the list is endless...) What song makes you feel all 'fuzzy' and warm? 

(Source: ChaseTheRabbitIntoWonderland)
There we go, I just had to mention my love for all the autumnal changes, do you also have a love for this time of year?! It's almost Halloween too, this year has gone super, super quick, ahh! Keep an eye out for my 'spooky' tutorial coming soon!

Feel inspired during these seasons, make friends with a sheep? A book? A song!

With love, 

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