Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Spanish Wonders..

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney
During the Summer I travelled to Spain with my family for a holiday get-awaaay! I've been going to Spain my whole life, my Nan and Grandad have had a place there for over 25 years! Spain holds so many family memories and I always look forward to escaping there!

I wanted to share parts of my adventure in pictures, I hope you all had lovely holidays, the sun has been wonderful but now Winter is arriving AHH.. So excited to wear lots of layers and hopefully snow will fall! When is your favourite time of the year?

My holiday adventure in photographs.. Enjoy :)!

Jingly anklets and Watermelon, holiday must-haves!

Do you have a favourite place to read? Here's mine! A beautiful church 'Bil Bil' that overlooks the sea, also shown in the picture below from our view!

This is the view from my Nan and Grandad's place, waking up to this will never get old!

'Tuti-Fruiti' Smurfs ice-cream from the Port is just, ah, tastes like wonderland. (Thanks Dad!)

(How cute are these handmade keyrings! I bought the Peter Pan one, can you spot him..?)
In one of my past posts I mentioned how I venture into many markets and gift shops, to much of my brothers hatred for them haha.. So yeah my time is usually spent shopping for glorious things! Spain markets are full of everything, they seem to weirdly interest me way too much..

Holiday nails..
I am still in the process of creating my 'Nail Art' post, but here's a sneak peak.. Before I left for Spain I painted on some dainty flowers, halfway through the holiday I fancied a change and went for a bold multi-coloured leopard print! Gotta' be loving bold nails during the Summer :).

Cool hideout? I think so!
There is this huuuge park right by where we stay, it's so so beautiful and has amazing plants and trees and waterfalls! Amongst all this are some random heads? Not entirely sure why, but I thought I'd sit on one anyway..

Whats a park without a gym? Huuuh! Parsons family in action...

I adore, adore, adore these shops in Spain called '100% Shopping' and 'Andy Craft' I have been wondering in them for years, they sell all kinds of trinkets, jewellery, rings, bags, Buddha's, and my favourites, dream catchers!
Kayla and myself!
I also love going to Spain as we get to be reunited with our friends who live there! I've known Kayla since she was born, and her parents for as long as I remember. It's pretty cool as I'm the only girl in my family as all my cousins (and brother) are boys, so it's kind of like having a little sister!

Me being awkward..

I hope you enjoyed these little photographs I took whilst exploring/ holidaying. Spain is one of my favourite places in the world, I'm super lucky to have a family who have created lovely memories for me here.

Where is your favourite place to escape to :)?
Thank you for hopping onto my blog, and I hope to see you soon.

(No holiday is complete without writing in the sand!)

With love, Charlotte 

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