Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cagecity Press Event!

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” - Gloria Steinem
A little step out of the 'festivity-theme' for today's post as I went to a very exciting fashion event! On Thursday 21st I set off on the train in the early afternoon and made my way into London. The lovely ladies at Cagecity invited myself along with lots of other bloggers to view their brand new 2014 Spring and Summer clothing collection (and to eat lots of sweets). Check out my recent 'Cagecity' post here.

"We showcase up and coming brands, provide young creatives
with a market to sell their handmade designs and add in
some sweet vintage for good measure." - Cagecity

The event was being held in an underground gallery situated at Charing Cross. I'd never been to the station before and Trafalgar Square is on it's doorstep so I thought I'd have a little adventure beforehand, as soon as I walked out the station (from one of the many exits - there's like, 9!) I bumped into Lee Evans - which is always pleasant haha! London, the city that never sleeps, there was so much going on in the square, such as a headless Mickey Mouse (I was confused too), magic tricks galore and busking musicians. I may have also cheekily popped into Starbucks for a hot chocolate too.. I Love days where you can just lose yourself in the London buzz, everybody rushing around in suits and what not with the sound of cars tooting their horns, it's strangely peaceful.

After what was quite amusing trying to track each other down around Charing Cross I was reunited with the lovely Katie and Sophie. We've been friends for a long while but we've never really had a 'day out' together as such, so it was great to catch up and a lovely day we had indeed. Myself and Katie are often awake at silly hours discussing adventures and plans, our most recent conversation involved Bruce from Finding Nemo. I shall leave it there.

So without further or do.. Be ready to feast your eyes on all the up and coming looks you could be rocking from Cagecity!

The room displayed all things 'Cagecity', from head to toe the decor was pretty groovy! "Life's too short to wear boring clothes." The welcome was so lovely, everyone was super friendly and I just couldn't wait to get started and rummage through the new collection!

I personally love Cagecity's unique handmade collection, the quality is everything you'd want in a clothing item. Fit for Winter and eye-catching for Summer, literally 'one of a kind'. Cagecity has many independent designers of which create all kinds of dreamy handmade-ness. Check out Cagecity's handmade collection here.

It's not a party without the cupcakes.... Or without the sweets (soo yum!) Is it just me or do sweets taste so much better in a 'pic and mix' bag? I found myself in a guilty-sweet heaven..

Amongst all the wonderful prints, this flowery top caught my eye, the material was something I'd never really seen or worn before, it was super soft and had an almost 'squidgie' texture to it. I love the contrast with the stripes and flowers, as it's such a statement top delicate touches of jewellery would match lovely, black jeans and heeled boots would pair up great with this top. Designer: Sunna Naseer.

The bar was full of all kinds of cocktails and other refreshments, there was such a chilled vibe and everyone was chatting away! It was lovely meeting the creators behind 'Cagecity' their passion for the company was very refreshing - it was wonderful meeting you all!

Check out this rather tasty bag, a statement piece for suuuure! I was intrigued by the texture, all your belongings would be nice and cosy in this haha, I haven't seen anything similar to this before! That's what I like about Cagecity - everything is unique and very different.
'Exclusive, Handmade & One off'

I personally love 'MinkPink' clothing, a wacky brand keeping things young and trendy (much like Cagecity!) It was lovely to see this floral crop top among the new Spring and Summer collection. This would look so flattering with a midi skirt or high waisted jeans. The material was so, so soft keeping great quality, my eyes are going to be closely peeled to this cute crop!

To add to the excitement, there was a cool 'customise your own hat' station all set up with gems, badges, sequins the lot.. I went for a gem/ studded symmetry kinda vibe! Awkwardly modelling the hat for you there.. 

Ahhhh. I don't think there was one person who didn't show their love towards this skirt. It has such a mermaid feel to it. "It reminds me of my barbie dolls clothes when I was younger." Each time I moved the skirt the different colours caught the light creating lots of blues, pinks, oranges, greens, yellows ahh. You too can be a human Ariel, wonderful wonderful!

It was such a lovely day, great to be amongst friends along with meeting lots of new faces/ bloggers, eating sweets, blog talk, laughing aaaaa-lot and generally just being there was super cool and enjoyed every moment.

I love all the 90's vibes this top has going on, Cagecity are all about dressing to your personality and being 'out there', with these statement pieces there is a lot of fun to be had. It's important to play with your style, shake it up and try out new things!
What pieces are you liking the look of so far?

'Showcasing up and coming brands'. Cagecity have teamed up with 'Evil Twin' for their new Spring and Summer 2014 collection, I let out an excited 'wooohoooo' in my head when I came across these wonderful 'eye' pieces, these jeans and the matching bandeau peeping behind fit perfectly within Cagecity. Owning a few 'Evil Twin' items already - these brought me joy just looking at them!

I recently mentioned this top in my 'Cagecity Competition' entry post, so when I was rummaging through the clothing rails jammed with goodness I was on a mission to find this top. The pixelation reminds me of 'Wreck it Ralph' - Groovy film. You could dress this top in every season, a summers day with shorts and sandals or add in a woolly scarf and it adds colours to a frosty winter. I love this designers collection within the handmade section at Cagecity, screaming with embellished 'fashiony-fun'. Designer: Jade Naomi Wainwright.

To round off a wonderful event, I was handed this lovely goody bag! I've already had a go at spraying my hair blue, unsure as to why I was so surprised when my hair actually went blue, it's so cool haha! Can't wait to try out all the nail tattoos and I've already eaten the sweets.. I received the Barbara Daily nail varnish in the colour 'Twinkle' currently wearing the colour now, it's super Christmassy - which is everything right now, thank you Cagecity!

After the event myself, Katie and Sophie wondered to Leicester Square where we spontaneously stumbled upon the 'Xbox One' launch. Safe to say we were very confused when coming across a Zombie Fireman wondering around along with American Footballers - soon realised it was all to do with the characters within the game (or something like that..) We managed to creep into the crowd where we saw Rick Edwards presenting the launch, so yeah that was all pretty last minute lovely randomness!

A huge thanks to Cagecity for inviting me down to their very first Press Event and to Katie for always being lovely and supportive! I had a super-dee-duper time.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first 'blogging event' adventure, hopefully the first of many! Can't wait to see the new Spring and Summer collection arriving in 2014. 
What items are you loving? :)

Have a lovely day!

With love,

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like..

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” - J.K. Rowling 
- Stepping into Christmas with Charlotte -
Ahhhh Christmas is nearly here and I just can't wait any longer! I feel so inspired when rummaging through Pinterest and other creative blogs during Christmas as everyone's creative buds are on fire, it's super exciting. This is my very first Christmas post of many more to follow!

Below I have 'internetly-picked' my favourite Christmas must-haves and recommendations, items which would be great stocking fillers. Do share your 'Christmassy-goodness' wherever you wish - "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." So without further or do, here is a little taster to get you in the mood for Christmas!

My love for candles. I think it's an inner problem, I am a girl obsessed. I luuurve discovering new candle scents. One thing I have to do whenever I walk past a pretty looking candle is take the lid off and smell it (anybody else do this?..) So it took me quite a while as you could imagine when I discovered 'Bomb Cosmetics' I was stood there for ages.. I love the whole package of these candles, the pairing illustrations and charming names just make me swoon! Each candle smells completely different and they all have small waxed hearts - ideal to take to the centre piece! (I've got 'Vanilla Honey' and it's like whenever I light it, I can imagine loads of bears joining around the flame to sing and think happy thoughts.. Yep).

I'm sure everyone has heard of these candles, if not then where have you been! My all time favourite is going to have to be 'Vanilla Cupcake' (my weakness is vanilla scents!) but as it's nearly Christmas I highly recommend 'Sparkling Cinnamon' and 'Salted Caramel'. It's basically Christmas in a jar, when the candles lit the scent wonders around the room for hours. There is nothing worse than buying a scented candle and the scent is nowhere to be smelt! You will have no scent troubles with these! Plus they come in all shapes and sizes, starting off with a sampler candle could be an idea if you're perhaps unsure on what scent to go for! (How many more times do I want to use the word 'scent'..)

Without a doubt one of the best shops at Christmas time is Lush, the decorations and displays are always on point. Not only do Lush's bath products look great, they also smell it too! 'Snow Fairy' smells delicious, it smells like fairies tiptoeing in bubblegum, good enough to eat, although, I wouldn't suggest eating any of the products.. Or any fairies.. The bottom right bath star is so glittery, which you just gotta be during Christmas, you'll be stepping out the bath and dazzling! I popped into Lush today just to touch the silver star and I was amazed with the amount of glitter that ended up upon my hands - so cool!

One thing I look forward to on the journey to Christmas is the 'Ginger Sparkle' collection to re-join The Body Shop, you guessed it - it smells like ginger! A very sweet smelling scent with all kinds of Christmas-ness combined. I previously did a blog post on The Ginger Sparkle body butter along with the Coconut shimmer, you can find that here. I've not recently been using many of the body butters myself as 'Simple' seems to have taken over on that department. However I know I will be re-hooked on the Christmas scents when I next pop into the Body Shop!

Clothing & Accessories:
How cute are these new jumpers from Cath Kidston?! As a huge fan of the make myself, I would love to get my hands on one (or two) of these, perfect for the Christmas list! The old-fashioned dainty designs bring back many childhood memories. Also if you are on the hunt for Christmas jumpers this year I have found some rather groovy ones in Primark, New Look and on ASOS.. I may have accidentally already purchased one from Primark recently, it's literally my new favourite jumper. You gotta be dressed festive, it just wouldn't be right not to be! Where's your favourite place to buy 'Christmassy' clothing from?

Cath Kidston is famous for it's unique accessories. Never failing to match the season, you can't go wrong with this charming mug and iPhone case! I pass the shop daily when I hop off the train at St Pancras on my way to University, the temptation to buy all the Christmas stock is getting out of hand.. The only trouble is if I purchased this mug, I wouldn't want to put it away after Christmas, I'd want to use it all year round which is seen as bad luck.. Well, we'll see! I currently have this mug from Cath Kidston, it's so nice to drink out of, plus the pattern is super cute!

 I hope this was helpful, I best stop there before I get even more carried away! So, so excited for Christmas, as I'm sure lots of you are! To ensure you can keep up with all the festivity I'm calling my seasonal series 'Stepping into Christmas with Charlotte' leading us up to the big day on December 25th!

 Share all your favourites with me on here or over on Twitter I'm always happy to talk in the language of Christmas! Also, come and join me on Pinterest and get following my 'Getting Festive' board where I will be adding daily seasonal inspiration!

Keep warm and be merry!
 (39 sleeps until Santa makes his way down the chimney!)

With love,

Friday, November 8, 2013

CAGECITY Competition

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated." - Oscar Wilde
Cagecity is a new stylish clothing website jammed with quirky prints, styles, colours and shapes and it's currently holding a brand new competition, with a pretty cool prize. Click here to be directed to the Cagecity website to find out more about the competition and how you too can also enter!

I've been loving the handmade collection, amongst these clothes are also a variety of vintage, unique and wonderful colours to chose from. Below I have created three completely different looks inspired by my favourite Cagecity clothing items as part of my competition entry. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1 
♡1 Floral Gingham T Shirt - Cagecity £35
♡2 Nails/ Prickly Pear - Barry M £3.99
♡3  Skirt - Cagecity £35 
♡4 Shoes - Vagabond £89.99
♡5 Rings - Dixi £Varied

I fell in love with the Floral Gingham t-shirt, with it's cartoon vibe and mixing colours, how could you not love it! The shirt is originally styled with a different skirt, but I rummaged through Cagecity's other 'bottoms' and really liked this leather, detailed black skirt. You could wear the t-shirt tucked in or just left out over the top. I really like the pinks and greens within the t-shirt, so matching this pastel purple colour to your nails seems necessary. 

I'm a freak for jewellery and Dixi stocks my favourite kind of rings, these rings especially are my current favourites and I got a little excited when I realised they fit this outfit wonderfully. Finishing off with a pair of black chunky Vagabond's, lovely. Additionally black tights would also go great with this outfit, and cute frilled socks peeping from the top of the boots. 

Outfit 2 
♡1 Gusset Crop Top - Cagecity £55
♡2 Trousers - House Of Holland £62
♡3 Shoes - Asos £45
♡4 Necklace - Tatty Devine £60

The juiciness of this crop top caught my eye, so I just had to add this to my set. I personally think crop tops look great with jeans and/ or patterned leggings. I spotted these groovy polka dot jeans on Asos, by House Of Holland, so of course the pattern and colour is going to be funky. The heels I chose are very 'in' right now and also look great when worn with similar styles. 

Because the jeans speak for themselves, I wanted to dress up the crop top, I stumbled upon the website 'Tatty Devine' and picked out this 'Aaaargghh' necklace from the selection. The contrast of the gold chain compliments the heels just fiiiine, a modern touch of the 90's!  If you wanted to further dress up this outfit, then I think adding a selection of gold midi rings to your fingers would be an effective touch!

Outfit 3 
♡1 Cafe Flora Dress - Cagecity £115
♡2 Rings - Dixi £Sold out
♡3 Socks - River Island £6
♡4 Shoes - Nasty Gal £74.98
♡5 Nails/ Rose Quartz - Barry M £2.99

Weirdly enough, I found this dress visually the hardest to style compared to the other two. I originally paired this outfit with black ankle boots, but as we're nearing to winter I thought these red boots suited the dress and seasons perfectly. I could imagine wearing this dress out to dinner, a family party, even Christmas. The dress is super elegant and classy, the Barry M nail polish adds a delicate touch, as though you've just been rummaging through sparkly tinsel! 

The rings remind me of berries and mulled wine, I love stackable rings and again I found these gems on Dixi. I think out of all my outfit sets, this is my favourite. This Cagecity dress could also be paired with a stylish hat (click here to see the hat which I think would look lovely), a cosy cream scarf with matching woolen gloves. Not forgetting the extra cosiness that tights and woolly socks bring!

What's your favourite outfit :)?

Ta-da! I hope you enjoyed my snippets of the fashiony-goodness inspired by Cagecity. I had so much fun creating them and introducing a slice of fashion to the land of 'With love Charlotte Lenia.' 
Good luck if you too are entering this competition, be sure to check out their website!

Thanks for reading, and fingers crossed!

With love,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Instagram - October

"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies! .. That's.. Beautiful..." - Dr. Seuss

Instagram in October land..
Along with the rest of the year, October flew by! It's been rather busy, too. It started off with postman deliveries, countless countryside cups of coffee, art projects, cake baking, shopping and ending with meeting YouTuber's and face paint-ness. I've selected a random bunch of my October snaps, follow me on Instagram to see what else I've been up to!
Instagram: charliparsonss

Top row:
 The postman often delivers lots of wonderful treasures, and on October 2nd I was greeted by my new ProMarker pens. I've wanted these pens for SO long, they were supposed to be Christmas presents but I think my mum and dad could understand my need for them haha.. Since starting my new University art course, these pens have been working wonders!
 Being my huge ASOS freak self, I ordered a bundle of new clothes and accessories, one item of clothing I favoured to in-particular was this rather tasty jumpsuit by Lavish Alice, I instantly loved the illustrative print and just had to share! Styled with a pair of plain black ankle boots :).
 Home alone means one thing, bake, bake, bake. I've had a Macaroon cooking kit hidden in the kitchen cupboards for a while so I thought I'd crack open the box and get my chef hat on.. However, I always seem to fail at baking Macaroons, I have a skill of making them look like flat crumbles of nothing-ness. I think I'm going to stick to cakes and cupcakes!

Middle row:
 My lovely parents ventured off to Mexico, to a luxurious all inclusive holiday getaway, whilst they left me, they're great daughter, all alone for one week, how lovely of them! With my brother being at University and my nan being in Spain, I was left to my own devices. This week consisted of 100's of cups of tea, blogging, art-ting, countryside drives. Whenever they arrive home from a long trip, I like to decorate the house with all things welcoming! This time involved flowers, croissants, signs and confetti.
 Ahh, my lovely Gilbert. On the 12th of October 2012, my mum and dad bought me my first ever car! With my favourite colour being green and my love for weirdness, Gilbert was welcomed into my life. So, naturally, on the one year anniversary of me owning my lovely car, I baked him a cake, woohoo!
 CJ's hot chocolate - the best. One of my favourite places to hide away and drink countless cups of hot goodness, is a place in East Grinstead called 'CJ's'. It has a lovely vibe to it and I've never had a bad experience there, with quirky decor and surrounded by delightful company it's just my favourite, ah. 

Last row:
 One of my ideal days out is taking a trip to Lakeside and Ikea with my mum, I have a weird obsession with Ikea, when I was younger I'd always venture to Ikea with my dad, so I guess it's just stuck! Myself, along with my mum and dad spent the day shopping, laughing, being weird. I found myself trying on lots of snazzy dresses, carrying a bearded dragon with me around Ikea and yes, tea and coffee were all involved too!
 During October I work at a place called Tulley's Farm, during the Halloween seasons it's transformed full of spooky attractions. With it's high population of customers each year, a few familiar faces often attend! This year welcomed Jonathan Ross (who I properly met last year, nicest guy!) and the lovely Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. To those fellow internet lovers - these are the wonderful YouTuber's. My excitement was lacking the 'stay-cool-factor' and I think I just blurred out awkwardness when I met them. They were all so super lovely and it was a pleasure to meet them!
 Rounding up the October-ness, Halloween arrived, I carved a pumpkin (click here to see what I did!) This also meant working at Tulley's Farm came to an end, during my last shift I got my face painted with different shades of green and added sparkle, face paint makes everything better! Art projects at Uni are steaming ahead, preparing myself for assessments and all that fun stuff. I'm also up to season 9 on Friends, I decided to watch them all again from the very beginning as you do! Goodbye October 2013, it's been a cold one!

So here we are then.. Hello November, what adventures will you bring! Join me on my exploring wonders.

How was your October?

With love,