Friday, November 8, 2013

CAGECITY Competition

"You can never be overdressed or overeducated." - Oscar Wilde
Cagecity is a new stylish clothing website jammed with quirky prints, styles, colours and shapes and it's currently holding a brand new competition, with a pretty cool prize. Click here to be directed to the Cagecity website to find out more about the competition and how you too can also enter!

I've been loving the handmade collection, amongst these clothes are also a variety of vintage, unique and wonderful colours to chose from. Below I have created three completely different looks inspired by my favourite Cagecity clothing items as part of my competition entry. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1 
♡1 Floral Gingham T Shirt - Cagecity £35
♡2 Nails/ Prickly Pear - Barry M £3.99
♡3  Skirt - Cagecity £35 
♡4 Shoes - Vagabond £89.99
♡5 Rings - Dixi £Varied

I fell in love with the Floral Gingham t-shirt, with it's cartoon vibe and mixing colours, how could you not love it! The shirt is originally styled with a different skirt, but I rummaged through Cagecity's other 'bottoms' and really liked this leather, detailed black skirt. You could wear the t-shirt tucked in or just left out over the top. I really like the pinks and greens within the t-shirt, so matching this pastel purple colour to your nails seems necessary. 

I'm a freak for jewellery and Dixi stocks my favourite kind of rings, these rings especially are my current favourites and I got a little excited when I realised they fit this outfit wonderfully. Finishing off with a pair of black chunky Vagabond's, lovely. Additionally black tights would also go great with this outfit, and cute frilled socks peeping from the top of the boots. 

Outfit 2 
♡1 Gusset Crop Top - Cagecity £55
♡2 Trousers - House Of Holland £62
♡3 Shoes - Asos £45
♡4 Necklace - Tatty Devine £60

The juiciness of this crop top caught my eye, so I just had to add this to my set. I personally think crop tops look great with jeans and/ or patterned leggings. I spotted these groovy polka dot jeans on Asos, by House Of Holland, so of course the pattern and colour is going to be funky. The heels I chose are very 'in' right now and also look great when worn with similar styles. 

Because the jeans speak for themselves, I wanted to dress up the crop top, I stumbled upon the website 'Tatty Devine' and picked out this 'Aaaargghh' necklace from the selection. The contrast of the gold chain compliments the heels just fiiiine, a modern touch of the 90's!  If you wanted to further dress up this outfit, then I think adding a selection of gold midi rings to your fingers would be an effective touch!

Outfit 3 
♡1 Cafe Flora Dress - Cagecity £115
♡2 Rings - Dixi £Sold out
♡3 Socks - River Island £6
♡4 Shoes - Nasty Gal £74.98
♡5 Nails/ Rose Quartz - Barry M £2.99

Weirdly enough, I found this dress visually the hardest to style compared to the other two. I originally paired this outfit with black ankle boots, but as we're nearing to winter I thought these red boots suited the dress and seasons perfectly. I could imagine wearing this dress out to dinner, a family party, even Christmas. The dress is super elegant and classy, the Barry M nail polish adds a delicate touch, as though you've just been rummaging through sparkly tinsel! 

The rings remind me of berries and mulled wine, I love stackable rings and again I found these gems on Dixi. I think out of all my outfit sets, this is my favourite. This Cagecity dress could also be paired with a stylish hat (click here to see the hat which I think would look lovely), a cosy cream scarf with matching woolen gloves. Not forgetting the extra cosiness that tights and woolly socks bring!

What's your favourite outfit :)?

Ta-da! I hope you enjoyed my snippets of the fashiony-goodness inspired by Cagecity. I had so much fun creating them and introducing a slice of fashion to the land of 'With love Charlotte Lenia.' 
Good luck if you too are entering this competition, be sure to check out their website!

Thanks for reading, and fingers crossed!

With love,


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  2. Love those red boots/shoe!! :)