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Instagram - October

"In my world, everyone's a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies! .. That's.. Beautiful..." - Dr. Seuss

Instagram in October land..
Along with the rest of the year, October flew by! It's been rather busy, too. It started off with postman deliveries, countless countryside cups of coffee, art projects, cake baking, shopping and ending with meeting YouTuber's and face paint-ness. I've selected a random bunch of my October snaps, follow me on Instagram to see what else I've been up to!
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Top row:
 The postman often delivers lots of wonderful treasures, and on October 2nd I was greeted by my new ProMarker pens. I've wanted these pens for SO long, they were supposed to be Christmas presents but I think my mum and dad could understand my need for them haha.. Since starting my new University art course, these pens have been working wonders!
 Being my huge ASOS freak self, I ordered a bundle of new clothes and accessories, one item of clothing I favoured to in-particular was this rather tasty jumpsuit by Lavish Alice, I instantly loved the illustrative print and just had to share! Styled with a pair of plain black ankle boots :).
 Home alone means one thing, bake, bake, bake. I've had a Macaroon cooking kit hidden in the kitchen cupboards for a while so I thought I'd crack open the box and get my chef hat on.. However, I always seem to fail at baking Macaroons, I have a skill of making them look like flat crumbles of nothing-ness. I think I'm going to stick to cakes and cupcakes!

Middle row:
 My lovely parents ventured off to Mexico, to a luxurious all inclusive holiday getaway, whilst they left me, they're great daughter, all alone for one week, how lovely of them! With my brother being at University and my nan being in Spain, I was left to my own devices. This week consisted of 100's of cups of tea, blogging, art-ting, countryside drives. Whenever they arrive home from a long trip, I like to decorate the house with all things welcoming! This time involved flowers, croissants, signs and confetti.
 Ahh, my lovely Gilbert. On the 12th of October 2012, my mum and dad bought me my first ever car! With my favourite colour being green and my love for weirdness, Gilbert was welcomed into my life. So, naturally, on the one year anniversary of me owning my lovely car, I baked him a cake, woohoo!
 CJ's hot chocolate - the best. One of my favourite places to hide away and drink countless cups of hot goodness, is a place in East Grinstead called 'CJ's'. It has a lovely vibe to it and I've never had a bad experience there, with quirky decor and surrounded by delightful company it's just my favourite, ah. 

Last row:
 One of my ideal days out is taking a trip to Lakeside and Ikea with my mum, I have a weird obsession with Ikea, when I was younger I'd always venture to Ikea with my dad, so I guess it's just stuck! Myself, along with my mum and dad spent the day shopping, laughing, being weird. I found myself trying on lots of snazzy dresses, carrying a bearded dragon with me around Ikea and yes, tea and coffee were all involved too!
 During October I work at a place called Tulley's Farm, during the Halloween seasons it's transformed full of spooky attractions. With it's high population of customers each year, a few familiar faces often attend! This year welcomed Jonathan Ross (who I properly met last year, nicest guy!) and the lovely Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. To those fellow internet lovers - these are the wonderful YouTuber's. My excitement was lacking the 'stay-cool-factor' and I think I just blurred out awkwardness when I met them. They were all so super lovely and it was a pleasure to meet them!
 Rounding up the October-ness, Halloween arrived, I carved a pumpkin (click here to see what I did!) This also meant working at Tulley's Farm came to an end, during my last shift I got my face painted with different shades of green and added sparkle, face paint makes everything better! Art projects at Uni are steaming ahead, preparing myself for assessments and all that fun stuff. I'm also up to season 9 on Friends, I decided to watch them all again from the very beginning as you do! Goodbye October 2013, it's been a cold one!

So here we are then.. Hello November, what adventures will you bring! Join me on my exploring wonders.

How was your October?

With love, 

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