Friday, November 15, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like..

“One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” - J.K. Rowling 
- Stepping into Christmas with Charlotte -
Ahhhh Christmas is nearly here and I just can't wait any longer! I feel so inspired when rummaging through Pinterest and other creative blogs during Christmas as everyone's creative buds are on fire, it's super exciting. This is my very first Christmas post of many more to follow!

Below I have 'internetly-picked' my favourite Christmas must-haves and recommendations, items which would be great stocking fillers. Do share your 'Christmassy-goodness' wherever you wish - "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." So without further or do, here is a little taster to get you in the mood for Christmas!

My love for candles. I think it's an inner problem, I am a girl obsessed. I luuurve discovering new candle scents. One thing I have to do whenever I walk past a pretty looking candle is take the lid off and smell it (anybody else do this?..) So it took me quite a while as you could imagine when I discovered 'Bomb Cosmetics' I was stood there for ages.. I love the whole package of these candles, the pairing illustrations and charming names just make me swoon! Each candle smells completely different and they all have small waxed hearts - ideal to take to the centre piece! (I've got 'Vanilla Honey' and it's like whenever I light it, I can imagine loads of bears joining around the flame to sing and think happy thoughts.. Yep).

I'm sure everyone has heard of these candles, if not then where have you been! My all time favourite is going to have to be 'Vanilla Cupcake' (my weakness is vanilla scents!) but as it's nearly Christmas I highly recommend 'Sparkling Cinnamon' and 'Salted Caramel'. It's basically Christmas in a jar, when the candles lit the scent wonders around the room for hours. There is nothing worse than buying a scented candle and the scent is nowhere to be smelt! You will have no scent troubles with these! Plus they come in all shapes and sizes, starting off with a sampler candle could be an idea if you're perhaps unsure on what scent to go for! (How many more times do I want to use the word 'scent'..)

Without a doubt one of the best shops at Christmas time is Lush, the decorations and displays are always on point. Not only do Lush's bath products look great, they also smell it too! 'Snow Fairy' smells delicious, it smells like fairies tiptoeing in bubblegum, good enough to eat, although, I wouldn't suggest eating any of the products.. Or any fairies.. The bottom right bath star is so glittery, which you just gotta be during Christmas, you'll be stepping out the bath and dazzling! I popped into Lush today just to touch the silver star and I was amazed with the amount of glitter that ended up upon my hands - so cool!

One thing I look forward to on the journey to Christmas is the 'Ginger Sparkle' collection to re-join The Body Shop, you guessed it - it smells like ginger! A very sweet smelling scent with all kinds of Christmas-ness combined. I previously did a blog post on The Ginger Sparkle body butter along with the Coconut shimmer, you can find that here. I've not recently been using many of the body butters myself as 'Simple' seems to have taken over on that department. However I know I will be re-hooked on the Christmas scents when I next pop into the Body Shop!

Clothing & Accessories:
How cute are these new jumpers from Cath Kidston?! As a huge fan of the make myself, I would love to get my hands on one (or two) of these, perfect for the Christmas list! The old-fashioned dainty designs bring back many childhood memories. Also if you are on the hunt for Christmas jumpers this year I have found some rather groovy ones in Primark, New Look and on ASOS.. I may have accidentally already purchased one from Primark recently, it's literally my new favourite jumper. You gotta be dressed festive, it just wouldn't be right not to be! Where's your favourite place to buy 'Christmassy' clothing from?

Cath Kidston is famous for it's unique accessories. Never failing to match the season, you can't go wrong with this charming mug and iPhone case! I pass the shop daily when I hop off the train at St Pancras on my way to University, the temptation to buy all the Christmas stock is getting out of hand.. The only trouble is if I purchased this mug, I wouldn't want to put it away after Christmas, I'd want to use it all year round which is seen as bad luck.. Well, we'll see! I currently have this mug from Cath Kidston, it's so nice to drink out of, plus the pattern is super cute!

 I hope this was helpful, I best stop there before I get even more carried away! So, so excited for Christmas, as I'm sure lots of you are! To ensure you can keep up with all the festivity I'm calling my seasonal series 'Stepping into Christmas with Charlotte' leading us up to the big day on December 25th!

 Share all your favourites with me on here or over on Twitter I'm always happy to talk in the language of Christmas! Also, come and join me on Pinterest and get following my 'Getting Festive' board where I will be adding daily seasonal inspiration!

Keep warm and be merry!
 (39 sleeps until Santa makes his way down the chimney!)

With love,


  1. I am so, so excited for Christmas! All these look cool and the accessories are perfect stocking fillers/basket gift ideas :D


    1. Ahh not that long to go anymore! I'm glad liked this post. Happy Christmas shopping!
      Charlotte :)

  2. I love this post <3 :) Lush Snow Fairy is one of my absolute favourite things xoxo

    1. Thank you! :) Ooo me too, pop it on the Christmas list haha!
      Charlotte x

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