Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread House!

"I thought maybe we could make gingerbread houses, and eat cookie dough, and go ice skating, and maybe even hold hands." - Buddy The Elf
Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I brought this little Gingerbread house kit when I was in IKEA a few weeks back, I've been dying to build it! Of course there are ways to make a Gingerbread house from scratch, but if you are impatient like me and just want to build and decorate then these ready made kits are super-dee-duper! Myself and my mum had alotta fun building our little Gingerbread house, so without further or do, here is our step-by-step wonder house...
If you can't wait to decorate and just want to get eating, then these pieces are a great size for dunking in your tea.. But there is no fun in that! (Unless you really like giant biscuits)..
The instructions said that for glueing the house together you could either use icing sugar with lemon juice and egg whites, or melted sugar. Myself and my mum opted for both, purely because the first one failed oh so badly..

Anywho's for the 'icing sugar glue' we used the above ingredients along with a piping bag and two different coloured food colourings.
In one of my cooking posts (click here to travel back in baking time..) I mentioned my love for the gel food colourings, I find them more effective than the liquid ones - the colours are super strong and even though they are a tad pricier than your usual food colourings, they are totally worth it!

Danger, danger, danger.. Be sure you have a grownup helper helping you with this - the sugar gets SO hot, my mum burnt herself several times, doughnut.. (Hope your feeling better madre..)

This was our second solution as trying to build the gingerbread house with runny multicoloured icing just wasn't doing it. Who knew melted sugar smelt so good! We placed the cooking pot onto the hob and poured in about a bowl full of granulated sugar (I'm sure all other types of sugars are fine to use too). After about 2 minutes the sugar started to thicken, I would say after about 5 minutes the mixture turned into a liquid-y glue fest.
Demonstration of the melted sugar, it sticks so quickly! Here is the chimney, probably an unreliable real life chimney but it'll do just fine for this gingerbread house.

 Now for the fun part.. Decorating!
Ooo and to keep things a lil tidier we placed the gingerbread house on a table mat so all the leakage is in one place and easy to clean afterwards!

I picked up these duo piping bags from my local pound shop, they're so cool, they create a rather funky marble effect. I chose to go for green and pink food colouring, probably not the most festive of colours, but they work well nevertheless! Of course normal piping bags are just as good, along with icing pens (although from past experience some of those taste rather rank..)

Along the gutter of the house I placed on some edible silver balls. I brought these from Tesco's but most supermarkets sell them! They are super effective during the holiday season as they're kinda like mini baubles!

Ooo fancy edible snow.. A nice lil tip to get this effect is popping a teaspoon full of icing sugar into a sieve and simply shaking the sieve over the top of the house/ biscuit/ cake/ etc, it adds a really cute touch! It's starting to feel like Christmas woohoo!

Got a tad carried away, in our baking cupboard I found a packet of mini marshmallows, I instantly thought 'ah, these could be the smoke coming outta the chimney'. The idea was there, the idea also looked good in my head, however, this is the tastiest chimney I ever did taste.

I could imagine two little pigs living in this house, the man pig wearing a polka dot tie and the lady pig wearing a Daisy in her hair. They also have a child piglet who likes to paint and sing..

VOILA! Here is my little Gingerbread house, myself and my mum had a lot of fun building it together. They work as great edible gifts, Christmas snacks or just a centre piece decoration! Tweet me a picture here of your Gingerbread houses if you've made one or anything Christmassy that you've baked! 

I hope you all have a wonderful, magical Christmas.. 
Can't believe it's nearly here, 1 more sleep ahhh!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed all my festive posts! 
There will be one or two more before the new year arrives, Christmas isn't over yet!

(1 sleep to go!)
With love, 


  1. Wow that looks amazing! I wouldn't have the patience to make one of these. How long did that take you? :)
    Btw the chimney looks so funny :)

  2. Thank you! Took about an hour or so with lots of icing sugar tasting in-between!