Tuesday, December 31, 2013

London Adventures & Goodbye 2013!

"I wish we could put some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month." - Harlan Miller
London Adventures & Goodbye 2013!
Hello! Ahh I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and were spoilt lots! I was spoilt with oh so many candles which is always a good thing! Shortly after this post it'll be the New Year, so in advance I hope you have a lovely New Year! Before this year is up I wanted to squeeze in another little Christmas themed post because it's my favourite time of year and It's gone sooo fast and I don't want it to be over!

At the end of November myself and Katie ventured to London to attend the Monsoon and Accessorize Press Launch. 'Where is your post about the event' - ah, wonder no more! This post will be coming out in the New Year, once you see it you will realise I went to town on editing all the photos, it is on it's way, apologies thanks for bearing with me!

So after the event myself and Katie explored all the Christmas wonder around Covent Garden. It was the perfect time to be in the area, it wasn't too busy but was filled with Christmas-ness, it's also one of my favourite places! London goes all out on Christmas decorations, I hope you enjoy these pictures from our day!
A rather large tree in the centre of the Covent Garden square. Reminds me of the one from The Grinch, if only we all stood around it linked hand in hand singing Christmas songs.. I will make sure I do this one day...
Amongst all the Christmas spirit are these cute food stalls, all lined up. I'm not a huuuge fan of how macaroons taste but I am some what obsessed with how they look. The colours they are made in is very soothing for my coloured-minded heart.
It's safe to say myself and Katie lost our cool when we saw this rainbow cake, just, HOW COOL!
If you have a sweet tooth then you would be in total heaven, pretty much every flavoured treat you could think of. I was so persuaded by the fancy presentation, but managed to resist..
Katie made a wonderful purchase, in a matter of moments, a slice of the rainbow cake was hers! Also in a matter of moments, a very sickling 't.o.o. m.u.c.h cake' followed..
The rainbow slice of happiness..
Beneath all the shopping is this cute cafe section, there was a band playing in the corner with all kinds of instruments, the atmosphere was suuuper-dee-duuper!
A ceiling full of candy canes, my heart was pumping - soo cool. Now, how to install these in my house? Hmm..
Hot Chocolate - my faaavourite
After some time wondering around the shops such as Cath Kidston and the cool charity shop that is 'Rockit', we decided we needed a little sit down. However, little turned into a very long sit down. Just over three hours to be precise!
'Making a cup of coffee is an art.'
I had the loveliest time sat in Costa, spending hours talking about pretty much everything, it's lovely to have a friend who understands exactly what you mean! Blogging leads to many interesting conversations, we were in our element! It gradually started to get dark outside, so of we went to photograph the night time Christmas lights!
Ooo - an artsy Christmas light shot for you there..
Wondered to Leicester Square, theres always something going on here!
London has many streets full of shops/ cafes/ restaurants/ theatres. This street in particular is one of my favourites, the Christmas decorations are always pretty but even when it's not Christmas it's always dressed fancy and it feels as though you're walking down an enchanted passage! (I have no idea what it's called though, sorry for my lack of street-name knowledge..)
The joy it brings to see a ginormous snow globe in Piccadilly Circus - The Statue of Eros. 

I had a really wonderful day, I hope you equally enjoyed reading about it!
What adventures have you had recently? :)

A little 2013 reflection:
My fondest 2013 memory was my 18th birthday to Disney and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando with my family. I was overwhelmed with the Harry Potter part of the park, feeling like I was in Hogwarts for the day was just the best thing! It's been an interesting year, a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I won't go into those! Starting University was also a huge leap this year, so far really enjoying it, and I'm surrounded by so many creative people - who are lovely. Eager to see what University brings in the new year, good luck to those who have applied for 2014! This year has also been wonderful blogging wise, I started this blog in February 2013, It's been great already to have attended clothing events and meeting lovely bloggers along the way. I hope to attend many more and continue this exciting journey, thank you for reading and leaving lovely comments!

To name some of my favourite 2013 moments... Becoming friends with a Pineapple, my 18th bouncy castle and Disney/ Orlando trip, venturing to Zante with my bestest friends, exploring my favourite parts of Spain, starting my new art journey at Central Saint Martins, hilarious moments with friends and family, baking endless cupcakes, meeting Bloggers and YouTubers, Cagecity & Monsoon/ Accessorize Press Days and of course, Christmas (and also now, writing this with a cup of tea in my liquorice allsorts onesie!) What have been your 2013 highlights?

The joys of New Year's resolutions. Personally I am terrible at keeping mine most the time. However this website holds alotta' resolutions that are that bit more realistic as appose to the 'never eating chocolate again' one.. I'm definitely going to try and go to bed earlier, so far this holiday I've been going to sleep at 6am, hmm! Be sure to let me know any of your resolutions!

I'mma wrap this up for this year! Thanks again for following my blog throughout 2013 it means a lot, I hope you continue to join my journeys for all the years to come as I do oh so love blogging.

May you have the best New Year and a supper happy 2014.

With love, 
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