Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips on surviving a cold!

 "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." -  Albert Einstein
Tips on surviving a cold.. (or just making it a little more bearable)
This is a very random post.. I have a cold, the mother of all colds. A head-aching, nose-running cold. During this time I should feel un-inspired, drained (which I do) on the verge of being eaten up by my bed... However, it gave me an idea to reach out to other fellow cold-carriers with a little step-by-step on how to survive the grim-ness! So, on we go..

Hot Chocolate // Tea // Coffee // Herbal
Step 1. As a person who finds themselves drinking 100's of cups of tasty hot-ness a day, I notice the effects of warm drinks when I'm run down. Especially with Herbal tea, you can sometimes get unlucky with the flavours - many are required to your taste buds. However this 'Mango & Strawberry' herbal tea is one I'd highly suggest sipping away at. It's of course very fruity, but leaves your nose feeling less blocked and the fresh hot smelling fumes shimmer a nice cleansed wave right over your head. So, go and stick that kettle on.

Step 2. The idea of fruit as a child never appealed, however since growing up (a little) we've became good friends and now couldn't imagine a day without fruit! Particularly through the stages of having a cold, Kiwi fruit is delish and is particularly handy if you are struggling to sleep. A small bowl full of grapes or a ripe green apple chopped up into teeny pieces is the ideal sick-ness snack to making you feel good.

Step 3. You can never go wrong with a warm serving of soup with a little side of buttered bread. Placing soup, porridge or cereals into a wonder mug could make the situation more enjoyable. I brought myself this Mickey mug a couple of years back (is it sad I brought myself a mug..) as it's a little awkward to fit into a cupboard, it's sorta became part of the mantelpiece in the kitchen. 

Anywho's soup is a great way to making you feel better, when you are run down and ill the last thing you fancy is a big lump of steak with a pile of chips covered in ketchup (I tried to think of my least favourite food..) soup is super filling when you're sick, and I'd recommend: Chicken soup, Tomato soup, Chicken Noodle soup or Vegetable soup. Very inexpensive too!

Step 4. I like the thought of taking a long walk around the duck pond wrapped in a warm coat and scarf when I'm ill, however I tend to never make it out of my front door.. But when I do step out into the open air after leaving my bed the cleansing wave of fresh air makes having a cold more bearable! The thought of wearing wellingtons cheers me right up too, so perhaps if you have a pair of wellies why not hop on out and do a spot of wondering.. 

I am unsure if I am delirious on cold medicine whilst writing and photographing this post.. However do let me know if I have in anyway helped, together we can conquer the sickness!
Leave a comment sharing what your 'surviving a cold' remedies are!


With love,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Floral Nail Art tutorial!

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." - Marcus Aurelius
Have your nails and nail varnishes at the ready for it's another..
Nail Art tutorial!
Hello! Are you feeling the wintry cold and shivering as soon as you step outside, wishing for the summer to appear.. Cry no more! With these nails it'll feel like Spring is right at your fingertips - where is my award for being a cringe ball. 

Since my last nail art tutorial and numerous mentions of the nail varnish's I've been using etc.. It's been a request that I create some more nail art tutorials for you all - which makes me happy as I do love creating these tutorials!

As a huge fan of Cath kidston - I wanted to recreate one of my favourite nail art looks. I've worn this nail art before and been complimented that it looks similar to the Cath Kidston's prints, which is always a bonus as who doesn't love floral prints! I've created the tutorial in seven simple steps, I know we are a little far from Spring but nothings better than wishing for the sunshine too soon... So be on your way to the Spring nails of happiness!

To create this look you will need:
 Nail Varnish: 
White, Darker Pink, Light Pink, Green, Light Blue & Clear
 Dotting tool or a Cocktail stick
Start with clean and nail varnish free nails! Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails. I'm using the clear nail varnish by 'MUA' from Superdrug, it's super cheap and does the job!

Next, apply two coats of white nail varnish, you can go for one coat but the second coat usually makes it that bit bolder and brighter. I'm using one I brought from a random shop in Spain - any good recommendations for white nail varnish are welcome, drop a comment!

Next, take your darker pink nail varnish and dotting tool and place a blob of nail varnish onto a palette like my one or just a piece of paper to protect the tables surface. Dab the dotting tool, or cocktail stick into the nail varnish and lightly meet with your nail, creating these small dots - I'd say 3-4 dots per nail works best, obviously you can go a little crazier on the thumb!

This is where the flower rose will sit, so if you want more than one on your nail then make sure they are evenly spread keeping in mind the size flower you'd like.

Using your green nail varnish and dotting tool, create one or two small triangular shapes either side of the pink circle - these are the leaves!

Once the darker pink has dried, then take your lighter pink and using your dotting tool dot a curved line on the inside of the dot - these are the petals! In the past I've been really neat with how I add on the petals, but I think rough dots (like these) work just as effectively!

Lastly, use your dotting tool to add small light blue dots around the flowers (this can be optional, this nail art also looks great without the added dots!) Mmm-mm green, pink, white and blue go great together in my opinion, favourite Spring/ Summer colours! 

Finish by adding a clear top coat when your nails are completely dry! This will seal in the design, leaving the flowers on your nails for a lot longer and hopefully without chipping!

Just as the above picture states.. Do tweet me a picture if you try out this tutorial! I'd love to see them!
Tweet me here using the hashtag #charlottelenia!

I hope you enjoyed this nail art tutorial. Feel free to leave any nail art requests, let me know what designs/ patterns you'd like me to create a tutorial for next! I dare you to be as wild as you wish.. 

Spring will be with us sooner than we know! Hallelujah!
I'm personally super excited to go on an Easter egg hunt.. 

Have a lovely day.

With love, 
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Monday, January 20, 2014

UK Blog Awards!

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge." - Robert Fulghum
My blog has been entered for three blog awards via 'UK Blog Awards'!
1.  Lifestyle
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The UK Blog Awards are holding a rather juicy awards event for all kinds of bloggers that venture the web, from Arts and Culture to Travel and Weddings. Read more about what the events about and what they do 'here'!

It would be so, so lovely and mean a lot to me if you could kindly take a few moments to vote for my blog. To even get to the next stage (the top 10 most voted blogs get put on out to an expert panel - eek!) would be a wonderful achievement and would bring a huge smile to my face along with my blogging adventures, never minding the fact I'd feel on my way to achieving more hopes of mine through blogging.

I created my blog back in February 2013 (nearly a year - eek!) with my love for all things wondrous and building upon my passions for Graphics and Illustration, with a constant determination to grow and grow this would begin a wonderful experience to add to this journey, I can't even describe! I'm excited for whats to come through blogging, It's like a whole other world and I've met some awesome people along the way! So if you think I am deserving of your cherished vote then please do read on!

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Every vote means an awful lot, so thank you so much if you've voted!

  Voting closes this Sunday // 26th January 2014! 

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Fingers are crossed!
Have a lovely day.

Thank you oh so much!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello there.. 2014!

"We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney Company
- Happy New Year lovely people! -
Hello 2014, and hello there to you! This is my first post of the new year and it's oh so lovely to see new viewers on board! Just in case you're unsure of who I am, what I do rah, rah then feel on free to click here where you will be magically directed to my 'About Me' page - here you go, take it, it's yours, ah.
I hope you had a glorious New Year!

I wanted to create a little post with a handful of images from my New Year's night along with how I dressed my nails with all things sparkly and new! I've also done a little 'What I got for Christmas - Nail Varnish Haul' as I've seen a lot of Bloggers/ YouTuber's sharing everything they got for Christmas but instead of doing the whole 'shebang' I'm only doing a snippet, which I hope you find an enjoyable read/ view! Additionally at the end of this post I've written a little 'What to expect from my blog?' So stay on tuned to see what I'm bringing to 'withlovecharlottelenia' this year!

☆ My Near Year's nails! 
One of my many interests in the world is 'Nail Art', I've been in and out with it a lot in the past and recently created a Christmas Nail Art tutorial (if you fancy you can see that here! Even though Christmas is over..) I'm usually changing up my nails daily/ weekly with patterns, designs and glitter. So New Year's was no exception not to sparkle on up! Let me know if you would be interested in seeing more Nail Art tutorials from me (and if so what kind?) - I love doing them!
Left to right: Graffiti - Nails Inc. // Crush 346 - Barry M // Amethyst 354 - Barry M
I wanted to keep things glitzy yet simple for the New Year, as I was wearing all black this matte deep red was perfect, I love putting dark with dark! I received a lot of glittery nail varnishes for Christmas and you can never go wrong with sparkles! I had the same nail-ness on both hands, in the past I've written the year across my nails, for example last year I had written '2013' with my nail art pen over a bright green base colour, deee-lish.
Want to create this look? What I used:
Gems - New Look // Graffiti - Nails Inc. // Crush 346 - Barry M // Amethyst 354 - Barry M
A current favourite of mine, I've fallen in love with this 'Graffiti' polish by Nails Inc. I was just smiling away when applying it to my nails, it reminds me of being at a party with bouncy castles and balloons. Also in the past I've found it usually takes a good 3/4 coats to get the most effect from all the glitter-ness. However with this nail varnish I only needed to apply 2 coats for the above glittered look and the shine is so good I needn't use a top coat!

I purchased this little pot of gems from New Look, 12 pots of glitter/ gems and stars were all included in the wonderful £2 price - thank you sales! In the past I've brought lots of my nail art gems from eBay, such cheap prices and plenty for every occasion.

'What I got for Christmas - Nail Varnish Haul'
My Uncle and his family brought me this groovy selection of the 'Nails Inc' nail varnishes. I don't have any of this nail varnish brand so was really excited when I received these! I've only used one of the polishes so far but eager to use all the other colours soon! (Just tried out the light pink 'Foil' on my nail palettes, I don't own any foil nail varnishes and this one is so cool!)
- I was delighted to find all these Barry M polishes in my Christmas stocking from my parents! Keep on scrolling for a little Barry M review!
Limited Edition 348 // Amethyst Glitter 354 // Limited Edition 343
The far right Silver Glitter polish was an early Christmas present, it wasn't supposed to be.. I just got way too impatient. It's safe to say I am now obsessed. It's as sparkly on your nails as it appears here in the pot. I found myself constantly waving my arms around by the light - it catches so many colours!

'Amethyst Glitter', full of teeny round sparkly speckles, this looks great when applied over the top of a white base coat, if you're in a rush or feeling a little lazy! Although the pot shows many different colours I would say the main colour of this polish is purple, so if you're a fan of sparkly purples and deep blues then this is ideal for you!

The far left nail polish is a colourful-confetti-wonderfulness, I've really been enjoying this one, the colours consist of green, pink and purple. I would say to definitely add a clear coat over the top, the extra shine does it a lot more justice! Is it sad when a nail varnish makes you want to go to a party? This is the ultimate party polish!
What's your favourite sparkly nail varnish? (Whether that be from this small collection or one you have been trying out?)
Prickly Pear 336 // Crush 345 // Mocha 333
I was dying to try out the 'Matte' polishes from Barry M, as there is only a handful of the Matte colours available to buy I'd say these were the two I had my eye on. Out of the two I love the red, I would say the brown colour comes out very dark on your nails after two coats, I would have hoped it was a tad lighter, but it's still a great pigmented polish! I'll be using the Mocha colour for nail art detailing (needed this when I found myself painting Rudolph the Reindeer on my nails!)

I'm a huge lover for Barry M's 'Gelly' range and already have many of the colours myself. This innocent purple colour reminds me so much of summer and makes me feel ultra girly, applying three coats adds a smile to my nails! If you fancy having a peak, I created a very colourful Barry M 'Gelly' review in one of my past posts, you can find that here!

I'm currently wearing the 'Matte - Red Crush' on my nails, I'd say this is definitely my favourite nail polish at the moment, I'm loving dark colours and with it's deep red look and only needing to apply two coats, it's a really quick and easy go-to polish if you're in a rush and don't have time to create anything too fancy. It's also a lovely colour for this time of year, with it being all frosty and cold outside, a nice warm colour on your nails can make things seem less cold (works for me anyways!)

I hope you enjoyed that miniature 'What I got for Christmas - Nail Varnish Haul'. Let me know any of your favourite Nail Varnish 'must-haves'! Tweet me or leave a comment!

My New Years!
I spent my New Year's in Brighton with some of my closest friends, it was by far one of the funniest nights and we all had a wonderful time (well, I know I did!) From singing along to Destiny's Child, Tequila-ness and going to bed at 9am, a lot of lovely memories were made! Because I was taking pictures on my phone, they mainly came out smudged, too dark or made no sense.. But here are some which my phone and my friends phones successfully captured!
Myself, Robyn, Claudia, Rosie, Gurpreet and Hope - my old middle school 'forever' friends! // A cute lil Buddha
Myself, Rosie, Paige and Hope
Laughed oh so much, one of the best New Year's fo suuure!
I really did mean a handful of photos.. Seriously unsure what I was doing with my phone.. What did you get up to :)?

What to expect from my blog?
Up until now I've been posting little doses of everything, from beauty reviews to adventures and slices of fashion. I've never really posted about my arts and crafts etc. I've mentioned my art-ness in a few posts which you can see here: Pom Pom Tutorial // Screen Printing // Nail Art Tutorial. Although I've never gone to the extent that this is what I do, ever since I can remember I've been doing art, arts of all kinds! And so I'd like to start introducing a lot more of this to my blog, along with continuing my ongoing loves for beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

So, I'd love hear your thoughts/ input.. What would you like to see? Is there anything you'd like to create with a homemade touch but stuck for ideas/ etc..? I may be a helpful source! Tutorials/ card making or even a 'how to draw a goldfish' - I'm all ears, leave me a comment or tweet me. Keep your eyes peeled for more crafty tutorials, my artwork, adventures and lots more beauty/ fashion/ review juicy-ness! How does that all sound?

Here's to hopefully a wonderful year. 
I stumbled upon this little saying on Tumblr and just had to share it:
So, why not - be crazy, be a little weird and may you be happy and positive.

Thanks for reading and until next time!

With love, 
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