Thursday, January 23, 2014

Floral Nail Art tutorial!

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." - Marcus Aurelius
Have your nails and nail varnishes at the ready for it's another..
Nail Art tutorial!
Hello! Are you feeling the wintry cold and shivering as soon as you step outside, wishing for the summer to appear.. Cry no more! With these nails it'll feel like Spring is right at your fingertips - where is my award for being a cringe ball. 

Since my last nail art tutorial and numerous mentions of the nail varnish's I've been using etc.. It's been a request that I create some more nail art tutorials for you all - which makes me happy as I do love creating these tutorials!

As a huge fan of Cath kidston - I wanted to recreate one of my favourite nail art looks. I've worn this nail art before and been complimented that it looks similar to the Cath Kidston's prints, which is always a bonus as who doesn't love floral prints! I've created the tutorial in seven simple steps, I know we are a little far from Spring but nothings better than wishing for the sunshine too soon... So be on your way to the Spring nails of happiness!

To create this look you will need:
 Nail Varnish: 
White, Darker Pink, Light Pink, Green, Light Blue & Clear
 Dotting tool or a Cocktail stick
Start with clean and nail varnish free nails! Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails. I'm using the clear nail varnish by 'MUA' from Superdrug, it's super cheap and does the job!

Next, apply two coats of white nail varnish, you can go for one coat but the second coat usually makes it that bit bolder and brighter. I'm using one I brought from a random shop in Spain - any good recommendations for white nail varnish are welcome, drop a comment!

Next, take your darker pink nail varnish and dotting tool and place a blob of nail varnish onto a palette like my one or just a piece of paper to protect the tables surface. Dab the dotting tool, or cocktail stick into the nail varnish and lightly meet with your nail, creating these small dots - I'd say 3-4 dots per nail works best, obviously you can go a little crazier on the thumb!

This is where the flower rose will sit, so if you want more than one on your nail then make sure they are evenly spread keeping in mind the size flower you'd like.

Using your green nail varnish and dotting tool, create one or two small triangular shapes either side of the pink circle - these are the leaves!

Once the darker pink has dried, then take your lighter pink and using your dotting tool dot a curved line on the inside of the dot - these are the petals! In the past I've been really neat with how I add on the petals, but I think rough dots (like these) work just as effectively!

Lastly, use your dotting tool to add small light blue dots around the flowers (this can be optional, this nail art also looks great without the added dots!) Mmm-mm green, pink, white and blue go great together in my opinion, favourite Spring/ Summer colours! 

Finish by adding a clear top coat when your nails are completely dry! This will seal in the design, leaving the flowers on your nails for a lot longer and hopefully without chipping!

Just as the above picture states.. Do tweet me a picture if you try out this tutorial! I'd love to see them!
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I hope you enjoyed this nail art tutorial. Feel free to leave any nail art requests, let me know what designs/ patterns you'd like me to create a tutorial for next! I dare you to be as wild as you wish.. 

Spring will be with us sooner than we know! Hallelujah!
I'm personally super excited to go on an Easter egg hunt.. 

Have a lovely day.

With love, 
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