Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips on surviving a cold!

 "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." -  Albert Einstein
Tips on surviving a cold.. (or just making it a little more bearable)
This is a very random post.. I have a cold, the mother of all colds. A head-aching, nose-running cold. During this time I should feel un-inspired, drained (which I do) on the verge of being eaten up by my bed... However, it gave me an idea to reach out to other fellow cold-carriers with a little step-by-step on how to survive the grim-ness! So, on we go..

Hot Chocolate // Tea // Coffee // Herbal
Step 1. As a person who finds themselves drinking 100's of cups of tasty hot-ness a day, I notice the effects of warm drinks when I'm run down. Especially with Herbal tea, you can sometimes get unlucky with the flavours - many are required to your taste buds. However this 'Mango & Strawberry' herbal tea is one I'd highly suggest sipping away at. It's of course very fruity, but leaves your nose feeling less blocked and the fresh hot smelling fumes shimmer a nice cleansed wave right over your head. So, go and stick that kettle on.

Step 2. The idea of fruit as a child never appealed, however since growing up (a little) we've became good friends and now couldn't imagine a day without fruit! Particularly through the stages of having a cold, Kiwi fruit is delish and is particularly handy if you are struggling to sleep. A small bowl full of grapes or a ripe green apple chopped up into teeny pieces is the ideal sick-ness snack to making you feel good.

Step 3. You can never go wrong with a warm serving of soup with a little side of buttered bread. Placing soup, porridge or cereals into a wonder mug could make the situation more enjoyable. I brought myself this Mickey mug a couple of years back (is it sad I brought myself a mug..) as it's a little awkward to fit into a cupboard, it's sorta became part of the mantelpiece in the kitchen. 

Anywho's soup is a great way to making you feel better, when you are run down and ill the last thing you fancy is a big lump of steak with a pile of chips covered in ketchup (I tried to think of my least favourite food..) soup is super filling when you're sick, and I'd recommend: Chicken soup, Tomato soup, Chicken Noodle soup or Vegetable soup. Very inexpensive too!

Step 4. I like the thought of taking a long walk around the duck pond wrapped in a warm coat and scarf when I'm ill, however I tend to never make it out of my front door.. But when I do step out into the open air after leaving my bed the cleansing wave of fresh air makes having a cold more bearable! The thought of wearing wellingtons cheers me right up too, so perhaps if you have a pair of wellies why not hop on out and do a spot of wondering.. 

I am unsure if I am delirious on cold medicine whilst writing and photographing this post.. However do let me know if I have in anyway helped, together we can conquer the sickness!
Leave a comment sharing what your 'surviving a cold' remedies are!


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  1. Hope your'e better now! I was the same last week and it was awful! I LOVE Twinings fruit tea and have that flavour too! Have you tried the Cranberry and Blood Orange one? That's amazing too.
    I find eating fresh blueberries really good for the immune system too!

    1. Ah I'm much better now thank you! Not nice is it - wah, hope you're feeling better too! Ahh I have tried Cranberry and love it, haven't tried Blood Orange (will give it a try!) Mmm yes yes more lovely fruit! x