Monday, January 20, 2014

UK Blog Awards!

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge." - Robert Fulghum
My blog has been entered for three blog awards via 'UK Blog Awards'!
1.  Lifestyle
2.  Most Innovative Blog
3.  Young Persons Blog Award

The UK Blog Awards are holding a rather juicy awards event for all kinds of bloggers that venture the web, from Arts and Culture to Travel and Weddings. Read more about what the events about and what they do 'here'!

It would be so, so lovely and mean a lot to me if you could kindly take a few moments to vote for my blog. To even get to the next stage (the top 10 most voted blogs get put on out to an expert panel - eek!) would be a wonderful achievement and would bring a huge smile to my face along with my blogging adventures, never minding the fact I'd feel on my way to achieving more hopes of mine through blogging.

I created my blog back in February 2013 (nearly a year - eek!) with my love for all things wondrous and building upon my passions for Graphics and Illustration, with a constant determination to grow and grow this would begin a wonderful experience to add to this journey, I can't even describe! I'm excited for whats to come through blogging, It's like a whole other world and I've met some awesome people along the way! So if you think I am deserving of your cherished vote then please do read on!

To vote for my blog
Click on the following link to be on your voting way:
- Three more links will then appear (these are the three different categories, the image below shows the link to each category)
- It would be super lovely if you voted for all three of my categories, but if not then even one vote means a whole lot!
- By clicking on either three of these links you will be directed to the below page:
- So this is a screenshot of my profile voting page, displaying information on my blog and including the category I'm entered into.
- To complete the vote you'll need to click 'Vote Now' and then all that's left is to enter your name and email address (no spam, just purely the wonder of voting)
*I was so eager to create this post that I made a spelling mistake.. 'Sumbit' - oops, you know what I meant!..*
Once you've clicked 'Submit' your vote will be counted!
Every vote means an awful lot, so thank you so much if you've voted!

  Voting closes this Sunday // 26th January 2014! 

So there we go, thank you for your wonderful-ness if you have voted for my blog in the UK Blog Awards! Please do share this post if you would like to help me out further by spreading the voting word - I appreciate every bit of support! To take my blog to the next step would be a dreamy-ol-dream! Tweet me here if you have voted, I'll be sharing the love!
Fingers are crossed!
Have a lovely day.

Thank you oh so much!

With love, 


  1. voted all 3, love reading your blog, really hope you get thrugh to the next round xx

    1. Ahh thank you lovely anonymous person! That makes me super smiley - me too, fingers crossed! Thank you! xx

  2. Voted for all three categories eeeee I'm excited :) x

    1. Ahh thanks so much Katie! Voted for you too! Ahh same waheeey :) x