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London Fashion Weekend!

"So imagine that the lovely moon is playing just for you - everything makes music if you really want it to." - Giles Andreae
London Fashion Weekend
Last Sunday (not the one just gone..) I was kindly offered a ticket to ride from the lovely blogger Katie to the popular event that is 'London Fashion Weekend' - I said yes (of course) and the adventure began! What is Katie's blog I hear you cry! You can find Katie over on her two wonderful blogs - Scarphelia & ScarpheliaETC.

I had no idea what to expect at the event, it was my first time visiting Somerset House - I'd only ever seen the event in pictures and so was super eager to venture there myself. London Fashion Weekend is a little different to London Fashion Week - the weekend event ran from the 20th until the 23rd of Feb, showcasing hot boutique brands with shops dotted all around the place and the opportunity to listen in on creative talks from the talented individuals in the social industry.
My attire for the day..AHHH - IT WAS SO WINDY!
What I wore: Black Sheer Shirt - Primark // Playsuit - Lavish Alice // Boots - New Look
As my birthdays coming on up (6th March!) I may have pre-purchased some birthday presents for myself.. I ordered a bunch of stuff from ASOS - I swear that's where most of my time goes, forever surfing the prints and styles. I'd came across this playsuit before and when I checked back the second time, I just knew it was love. I promptly popped the tiger print playsuit into my basket and waited eagerly for the delivery. 

So as you can see, I couldn't be patient and wait until my birthday to unwrap what I had gifted myself, does anybody else get like a weird kick out of doing that? Having something before the given day - Because I really do.. Odd. Like getting a Christmas present before actual Christmas was the best thing ever.. Anyways I'm mumbling - onwards!
I matched my outfit with a mix of nail varnish colours - black and sparkles. I also can't go leaving the house without cluttering my hands with various rings - over the years I've just collected an almighty bundle of the glorious things, current favourites include: chunky aqua marbles - scrabble - midi rings - studded gems and gold bands.

Mini review on the playsuit.. I adore the clothes from Lavish Alice - their prints are pretty funky and the quality is everything you'd want and more. With a small zip down the side this playsuit was super easy to hop into, I'm thinking maybe next time a little belt would suit it better than just on it's own? Or it could get a little busy - who knows, I'll give it a whirl. The playsuit had lovely compliments from passers by and it just felt so fun to be wearing something covered in tiger prints (not forgetting it was mega comfy too). Definitely keen to purchase some more clothes from Lavish Alice. Before setting on the black blouse I tried wearing a thin black jumper underneath but with playsuits/ dungarees I find it's easier and comfier to keep things light underneath, this black blouse from Primark (actually my mums.. thanks mum..) paired rather well!
The first room we walked into had a balloon roof! Everyone's dream! Unless you don't like balloons/ helium. The layouts in each room were dressed wonderfully - something to feast your eyes on wherever you'd wonder.
Instantly loved these colours and patterns from the 'Textile Federation' range. Oh the fun you could have wearing these. Casual style yet visually grabbing - mmhmm.
I am a huuuge ring freak (previously just mentioned that yes), I love them. And so when seeing these it's safe to say things got a little exciting. However, I didn't have the casual £210 with me to hand over in exchange.. So instead I just stared and pictured myself wearing the delights.. 
Delicate little bracelets, one of these worn with a smart outfit would be the perfect touch!
These 'Radley London' bags and accessories had me going 'oooo!' Neutral colours, sophistication and quality - me gusta.
The event was pretty jam packed - so watching this man peacefully pour a drink popped a smile on my face :).
Literally shouted 'ahhh so cooool' when seeing this. If I could be a backpack, I would chose to be this lil guy.
The urge to buy them all - the layouts of the stalls were all set up beautifully, it felt like such a visual day - so much to look at, take in and buy!
Any Baby Lips fan (*raises hand*) would have floated away to a heavenly place.. Need myself a lip balm wall instillation - Dad if you're reading this..!
After a fair amount of exploring (and eating the free yogurt samples), we wondered to the Vodafone seating area where certain talks were being held throughout the day. 1:45pm saw the very talented and inspiring bloggers/ publishers Serena Guen (Founding Editor-in-Chief of Suitcase magazine) and Shini Park (Graphic Designer and writer behind blog, Park & Cube) speak all things creative. It was so insightful hearing all about their inspirations and experiences, along with great advice. 
"The hardest part is having to fight for your worth, but if you keep trying to make your product better, you will get there."
Myself and Katie were in our element, it was so refreshing seeing the enthusiasm and passion towards what they do. I'm sure we could have been there listening for hours, but the talk sadly had to end at some point - along with our day, shortly after the career talk myself and Katie wondered our way to Covent Garden, one of our favouriest places in London - and we knew just what to head for.. A sit down with a hot drink.
Our traditional trip to Costa (previously mentioned here - don't know if you'd call it a tradition - but it feels traditional...) You guessed it I ordered a hot chocolate. It was lovely to continue our conversations on life, blogging, adventures, anything and everything - we can talk for hours..

I had a super fun day, I hope you enjoyed this post, an insight to my London Fashion Weekend experience.
A huge thank you to Katie for inviting me along, never a dull adventure when we're together, be sure to check out her blogs! Feel free to leave your links below if you also ventured to LFW/ LFWEND I'd love to read your posts.

What's been your latest adventure? 

Have a lovely day and speak soon!
(3 days until my birthday - woohoo!)

With love,
*Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post.

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