Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pink & Green Choc Chip Pancakes!

"There was no time for chit-chat when there were chocolate chip pancakes to be eaten." - Kirsten Day
Pink and Green Chocolate Chip pancakes
HAPPY PANCAKE DAY wonderful people!
Today is the day where it's okay to eat as many pancakes as you like, with oh so much sugar, lemon, chocolate, cinnamon, strawberries, banana, syrup - ahh go wild. 

Hold up - do you smell a collaborative post? You smelt correct! I have teamed up with the lovely Katie, the blogger behind Scarphelia (previously mentioned in oh so many of my posts) to bake up two easy recipes that you can try out for yourself! There will be a post over on Katie's blog where she gets crafty with ombre! 
Here's a handful of blogs I was inspired by along the way with some more groovy pancake ideas: CoCo and Cowe // Seeded at the Table // Cooking Classy // Averie Cooks // Company - Inspired me to include all the chocolate chip goodness!

I've decided to opt for my own design and have gone for a very pink and green chocolaty themed pancake. Partially because I already had pink and green food colouring and the fact that green is my favourite colour AND who doesn't love a green pancake? I thought so.. Onto the tasty delights! (Oh and they kinda look like watermelons?!)

For the 'Pink and Green Chocolate 
Chip pancakes' - you will need:
 2 Eggs
 5 tbsp Milk
 150g Plain Flour
 2 tbsp Caster Sugar
 Pinch of Salt
 75g Dark Chocolate Chips
 Pink and Green Food Colouring
 Cooking Oil (for frying)
 Maple Syrup (or toppings of your choice)
 Frying Pan
Make sure your hands are super clean before you start!
Grab yourself a jug and whisk together the two eggs and 5 tbsp's of milk.
Next, taking your large clear bowl, pop in the plain flour, caster sugar and a pinch of salt.
Create a well in the centre and begin to pour in the whisked eggs and milk.
Beat the mixture together until super smooth.
Grab your dark chocolate chips and begin to stir everything together (don't forget to eat all the leftover chocolate chips....)
To create your two contrasting colours, split the pancake mixture into two separate bowls.
Adding pink food colouring to one, and green food colouring to the other.
Now for the fun part, head on over to the stove - *Parent/ Guardian/ Adult/ Pancake King required if you are small or are capable of injuring yourself like I do..* Pop the pan onto the cooker setting at a very low heat - add a small amount of sunflower oil spray.

Adding a reasonable sized spoonful of the green pancake mix - cook the pancake until light and golden. About 1-2 minutes on each side. Once cooked place on a plate and keep on cooking! (Admiring the gooey chocolate - gah.)

Do the exact same procedure but this time with the pink pancake mix. If you get bored of flipping over the pancake, play the ultimate height game, how high can you flip the pancake without landing it on the floor, the ceiling, yourself..
Keep on going until you've landed yourself a hefty pile of the wonder-y edibleness.
All that's left to do now - is turn off the cooker, sit yourself down, have all your yummy toppings in front of you - decorate till your hearts content, drizzle on that golden syrup... AND EAT! Mmmhmm.
The ultimate pancaking song:
If you recreate these pancakes using this recipe then do tweet me a picture here or upload your photo to Instagram tagging me @charliparsonss - I'd love to see your baking responses!

Don't forget to also check out Katie's impressive Pink Ombre Pancakes!
Thanks to Katie for letting me decorate your kitchen in pancake mix.. We had oh so much fun and felt (still feel) very, very sick - but they sure did taste good!
May you have a glorious Pancake Day and may you eat way too much you have to sit down..

What's your favourite pancake topping?

(2 days until my birthday!)
With love,


  1. Oh wow they look amazing!

    Emma x

  2. they do look delicious, great post!