Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Rice Krispie Cakes!

"Be brave, little rabbit. Take a chance." - Cherise Sinclair

Ahh all the Easter Bunnies are out in force, spreading the Easter love.. And with that in mind, things are getting a little tasty over here.. I wanted to a share a quick and easy recipe which you can make for Easter or any occasion! I'm taking it back to the old school - I haven't made these I don't think since I was in school which was a long time ago!

Everybody loves a Rice Krispie cake, they're super, duper easy to make and even easier to eat the whole lot.. With a very simple recipe and no ovens involved, why not make your own to share with your friends and family! I hope you enjoy this rather yummy Easter-themed tutorial! Soo lets get to it - off we hop!
For the 'Easter Rice 
Krispie Cakes' - you will need:
 125g Rice Krispies
 150g Plain, White or Dark Chocolate
 50g Butter
 3 tbsp Golden Syrup
 Mini Chocolate Coated Eggs
 Cupcake Cases
[This mixture makes 18 Rice Krispie Cakes]

 First of all, measure out all your ingredients, make sure you pop the Rice Krispies in the biggest bowl as things will get a little messy any smaller. (I also added a few more mini eggs as I accidentally ate some beforehand..)

Combine the chocolate, butter and golden syrup into a heatproof bowl.
You can either melt all of this in the microwave or I personally find it quicker in the saucepan over the cooker. 
*Be careful as gets super, super hot!*
Place the heatproof bowl into the saucepan - fill the saucepan with a little bit of water, 
ensuring the bowl doesn't touch the water.
Melt on a very low heat, it takes around 2-3 minutes for the chocolate and butter to fully melt.
I find using a spatula much easier to mix the melted-ness with as you can get all the chocolate off the sides!

Once the chocolate and butter are fully melted and mixed, pour the chocolate mix into the bowl of Rice Krispies (it's perfectly fine if some chocolate ends up in your mouth..)
Then, my personal favourite part - mix until all the chocolates covered the Rice Krispies, yum, yum, yum. 
*Snap, crackle and pop!*

Begin to fill your cupcake trays with the cases, you don't have to use themed cupcake cases, but it adds a cute little touch!
These funky ones were from my local pound shop!
Using two big spoons, start to dish out the mixture equally into the cupcake cases.
Next, taking your mini eggs, pop a few on each rice cake (this is optional, but highly advised!)
Once you've created your masterpieces, take your trays of rice cakes and pop them in the fridge to harden for about half an hour (they will still be a little gooey - if you want them completely hard, leave them for an hour). 
Whilst waiting for your little egg nests to get their coldness on, why not tidy up the kitchen - woohoo!

Once your cakes have had a little rest in the fridge, take them out and present them in the centre of the table for everyone to see and eat away.
I purchased this Easter chick themed cake stand again at my local pound shop - they sell everything it's wonderful!
These are great little treats for an Easters party - I'm taking these to my mums friends house, that's if they last until then (they're seriously so yummy).. 
If you don't fancy using a cake stand, then why not present your cakes on a large plate and even scatter some themed confetti for extra pizazz - o0o0o..
Be sure to tweet me a picture of your Easter creations over on my Twitter if you make these yummy cakes, I'd love to see your responses!

Whats your favourite thing about Easter? :)

Thank you for reading (sorry if it's made you hungry..) I hope you have a wonderful Easter,
eat way too much chocolate and have a lovely day.

With love,

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello April - March Favourites!

"For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud." - J.K. Rowling
10 of my  favourite things, all in the land of March!Why hello April, how quickly you arrived! With the month of March having left us for another year, it's safe to say I was loving quite a number of things throughout - and, you know the drill, it's only right that you hear about them. I've selected an array of favourite beauty bits, accessorising bits and day-to-day 'omgad I love this' bits. I'd realised I hadn't done a monthly favourites in oh so long (find my last one here) so off we go on a very overdue date! Let me know if you've been loving the same things along with any of your recommendations so we can all share our favourites and join in a circle of love...

Tanya Burr Nail Varnish: Mini Marshmallows
[How I wear it]: Clear base coat // One white coat // Two coats of Mini Marshmallows
Yes, it is true.. I have found a new love. I've been after a baby pink nail varnish for a while now and as soon as Tanya released her glorious new collection, I was quick to grab some of my own. I instantly fell for the names of Tanya's products, a handful including 'Mischief Managed, Little Duck, Peaches and Cream' and the dreamy colours to match - you can see why I just had to buy some (three to be exact). I find applying a white base coat makes the pink colour pop, but works just as lovely if I was to apply without. With a white base coat I'd say you'd only need two coats of the Mini Marshmallow. My nails lasted a good 2 days without chipping (which is amazing for me as I'm always doing art coursework where my nails chip like mad!) The overall coverage is very pleasing, finishing off the colour with a shimmering topcoat adds that extra shine showing off the lovely colour to it's full extent! I would highly, highly recommend this nail varnish if you are a lover for pastel pinks, subtle-ness and the  mental feeling of cute little bunny rabbits bouncing along your nails. Sounds pretty good to me! Have you tried any of Tanya's nail varnishes - if so which ones? :)
[Where can I find it]: Superdrug // Or shop the collection here: Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

Elvive: Conditioning Shine Spray
[How I use it]: Clean Hair // Spray into 'Tangle Teezer' // Brush through
I've been using this product on and off for a long while now, but especially more regularly through March for some reason - I think I'm going through a phase of wanting to use up some of my hair products, and I'm glad because I'm loving this lil guy. I'm surprised I've never really given it the well deserving mention. With it's soft fruity/ vanilla scent and it being super easy to apply - this spray makes all the difference after I have blow dried and straightened my hair. It's been my go-to product for when I want silky smooth hair (although, this product unfortunately doesn't protect the wind from swooshing, swaying and knotting your locks - I wish!) Since purchasing this product a while back, I can't seem to find it anywhere in stores - waaah! So I'd love to hear of anymore products similar to this, do let me know in the comments if you know of any, that'll be much appreciated :)!
[Where can I find it]: Originally purchased from Tesco's - I can't find it anymore aah!

Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies
[How I wear it]: Curl eyelashes // Apply thin layer of mascara // Wait a mo - reapply second layer
I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to mascara, I haven't been gifted with the most greatest of eyelashes, they just, well, they don't do anything. I use eyelash curlers and sometimes the heated ones (which don't tend to make a difference for me personally) and whenever I apply mascara my lashes just either droop, gap or look like awkward party legs. I'd been eager to purchase this mascara after seeing countless reviews floating around, and handily as my birthday was approaching, I popped it on my birthday list! Since using this mascara I've sadly (a good sadly) looked forward to applying it each day, does anybody else have that? When they buy new makeup and generally wake up early to get playing. 

I've really enjoyed using this mascara, it separates my lashes extremely well meaning I no longer have to faff around with about 5 different mascara applicators, I can just get to the point. As I don't like wearing a whole heap of makeup, I find two coats of the falsies enough for me, it's super easy to remove and as it says on the packaging, this product creates a deep black look to your lashes, great for matching with a smokey eye - ooo love a smokey eye!
[Where can I find it]: Drugstores // Supermarkets // Online

Barbara Daly: Matte Perfection Pressed Powder
[How I wear it]: Apply Prima // Apply Concealer - sometimes foundation // Using my Real Techniques 'Buffing Brush' apply thin layer of the powder
As someone who found themselves glued to 'lose powder', I was a little reluctant to trying pressed, but I wanted a little switch up in my makeup bag. I'd looked into the 'Rimmel: Stay Matte' powder and was set out to purchase that one, however when I found my hands covered in product test swatches, I just couldn't find one which matched my skin and one which I liked. 

A friend had suggested I try the Barbara Daly range from Tesco's as she was getting great results - as I was running low on powder off I went and was pleasantly surprised. The range is in-expensive and of great quality. I purchased the pressed powder in the tone 'Fair' as yes, I have super pale skin (nothing wrong with that!) The powder goes onto my skin so well, it doesn't leave a 'you've got a face covered in powder' look which I was scared about since switching from lose powder. I apply my contour, bronze and blush after using the powder and I never feel as though I have to go back and re-apply throughout the day, which is super handy! It's also cute and compact with a little mirror inside!
[Where can I find it]: 'Exclusively' at Tesco's

Yankee Candle: Baby Powder
[When I use it]: Throughout the day, super refreshing
With my birthday having just brushed right on past (read all about what I got up to here) I was so humbled when my lovely friends greeted me with wonderful and thoughtful presents. One present in particular has had me going back for more! Ahh, the Yankee Candle Baby Powder scent. The best way to describe this is yep, it does smell like talcum powder, soothing to the nose-sensors. After using up my birthday gift I actually since ventured back to my nearest store that stocks the Baby Powder candle and purchased myself another one. I very rarely do this, if I do then it's mainly Christmas scents, I like to alternate with all other scents, I'm a candle freak. I'm all about this candle. Candle, candle, candle. It's so refreshing on a Springs day, especially here in the UK with the weather not being able to make up it's mind, this candle is lovely to light after the rainfalls.
[Where can I find it]: Garden Centre // Online // Some Supermarkets

CD: Mary Poppins
[When I use it]: In my car - singing super loudly (mumbling won't do)
It's no shock that this has crept into my favourites - I've gone a little Mary Poppins crazy, for all the right reasons! As you could imagine, I was over the moon when unwrapping this gem (another birthday present favourite - thanks to my lovely brother). Growing up Mary Poppins has always been in the heart of my home, Julie Andrews (who plays Mary Poppins - but, I didn't need to tell you that) is somewhat of a huge role model to me, I am a humongous fan of all her work, she just seems so spiritually wonderful.

I ventured to Ikea by myself a few weeks back and hit the motorway, this very CD comforted me the whole way there aaaand the whole way back (along with a 70's CD here and there - Earth, Wind & Fire are another personal favourite). I was in my element, singing away, not a care in the world, obviously being super careful as I was driving.. It was such a sunny day so I had my windows down. This soundtrack to the glorious Mary Poppins film had me end my day out on a super high note. If ever I feel low I shall play the CD and be reminded of all the wonder. Everyone needs to experience the joys of Mary Poppins! What's your 'go-to' feel good music?
[Where can I find it]: HMV // Some Supermarkets // Online - eBay etc

Hand Soap: Bath & Body Works
[When I use it]: Every single time I go into my bathroom! Always good to be hygienic guys..
As my mum travels a lot (she's an air hostess *breaks into Busted song*) she visits lots of shops throughout the world, bearing in mind she hates shopping, it's mainly me and my brother telling her to shop.. Mwhaha. Her most recent trip was to America, and whenever my madre leaves, she's always asking 'is there anything you'd like me to buy?' the kindest mother that she is! With us sadly not having a Bath and Body Works in the UK and with me having a somewhat growing obsession with it, I knew just where to send her! Since growing up in and out of hospitals, I was always, always intrigued by the foamy soap, I loved the stuff. And happily to me, it's becoming more and more popular throughout public toilets - seems as though I could talk about soap and toilets all day, gah moving on.. So anyways my mum gifted me this wonderful tropical scented foam soap that I just look forward to using each day, it leaves my hands feeling super soft and refreshed! Much more exciting and fulfilling than the normal boring soap.. I get excited over soap, yeeep!
[Where can I find it]: Bath & Body Works // Online

Real Techniques Brushes: Detailer, Stippling & Buffing
[When I use them]: Daily makeup routine
I seem to have gathered quite a collection of the Real Technique brushes, just like everyone else - I don't quite know what I'd do without the greatness. With my collection of the brushes growing and growing, I've decided to pick out the 3 which I'd say I've been using the most throughout March. // Starting with the Buffing Brush, I use this to apply my (Barbara Daly) powder, the brush gets into all the corners and patches, with it's super soft bristles it's a joy to use creating a great coverage over the face, as I sometimes use this brush for blusher also, the colour doesn't stick to the bristles which is super handy as I hate brushes that cling onto every colour you use!

The Stippling Brush, I didn't really have a plan on what to use this brush for, I purchased purely on curiosity, and I will now thank my curiosity, as I have found a friend in this tool. This brush I'd say has the gentlest most delicate bristles of the bunch, I use it to blend in my bronzer, contour and blush and on top of that adding a swish of highlighter to my cheeks and often my brow bone. So I guess I use it as my 'finishing touch' brush - it applies subtle colour to your cheeks (if used for blush, bronze, you know what I mean..) definitely a brush worth purchasing if you're a lover for highlighting and blending!

Lastly the Detailer Brush, every now and then I add a shimmering highlight to the inner corners of my eyes, as I'm not a huge wearer of eyeshadow or eyeliner I like to jazz up my eyes in different ways. The detailer brush is just like the other brushes, super gentle and soft, especially for where I use it I'm able to create the popping, bright look around my eyes unlike any other small tipped brush. Again also great for touching up any concealer around the nose/ eye area, I've also used this to colour in my eyebrows, it's super effective to use, it's like my little secret weapon. Real Techniques, you win, you soooo win.
[Where can I find them]: Drugstores // Boots // Online

Hair: Polka Dot Scrunchies
[When I wear them]: Usually when my hairs in a high ponytail - On fancy days
I purchased these two cute scrunchies when I made a quick pit stop into town, I was only after a little something from The Body Shop yet walked away with these and a couple more rings.. I'm super glad these did make their way into my hands though, I rarely dress up my hair, not that I don't like it, I just generally don't always leave enough time for all that, these scrunchies add a super cute look for on the go adding a touch sweetness to any outfit. Lots of room in the elastic to twiddle around the ponytail - ever find that, you buy new hair ties and can only get round like twice - annoyance!
[Where can I find them]: New Look - here

♡ & Lastly
Music: Sampha & Colbie Caillat ft Gavin DeGraw
[When I listen]: I'm a crazy music listener - listening to it right now!
Track numero uno.. I love, love, love stumbling upon wonderful music, current loves include: Jose Gonzalez/ Junip, Trevor Hall, Daughter, Benjamin Francis Leftwich (give him a listen!) Bon Iver and so many more. Me being the huge Tumblr freak that I am, I come across such a mixture of songs, I'm always pressing play when scrolling through my home feed, and when I pressed play this one time, my mind went to another planet. Sampha - I feel has such a different sound to all the other music, so soothing and inspiring to listen too, like you can just forget the world for 4 minutes or so and go on a little adventure in your mind - the best kind of music. Other wondrous songs by Sampha: Happens, Indecision, Can't Get Close - I'm basically listing all the songs as all SO great.

Track numero dos... I'm somewhat obsessed with the film 'Safe Haven' if you haven't seen it, it's based on the book written by the oh so talented Nicholas Sparks, one of my favourite authors and all-round inspirers. 'We Both Know' is the song that plays on the end credits, it's most definitely a car journey belter, I've found myself singing it super loudly whilst on a long drive. To me it's just one of those super comforting songs, having little down moments here and there, giving this song a play makes the bad things wonder away for a while. It matches with the film so perfectly, if you loved Colbie Caillat's previously released songs such as 'Bubbly' and 'Realise' then you will love, love this one. Let me know if you listen to these songs, or any recommendations you'd like to share, I'd love to have a listen!
[Where can I find it]: Itunes // YouTube

I hope you enjoyed this peek into what I was loving last month!
[What's been your favourite 'thing' throughout the month of March?]

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Have a lovely day.

With love,

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