Friday, May 16, 2014

Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial!

"Nothings better than a picnic." - Zooey Deschanel

Nails that look good enough to eat!
How's about another nail art tutorial that'll have you smiling through Spring!
I've sooo been looking forward to creating this tutorial for you's ever since I wore the tasty look to The UK Blog Awards a couple of weeks back. I love to accessorise with my nails alongside lots of jewellery, jazzy hair and fancy shoes etc, etc, and whats better is these nails are super effective and so easy to create!

Below I have created a simple tutorial so that you can create your very own Strawberry nails in six steps! And why stop at just your fingertips, go on ahead and paint strawberries on your toes too - imagine the waves swishing over your fresh-fruited feet - gaah so excited for Summer.
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- Do feel free to leave any nail art requests, I love making these tutorials for you! -
To create this tasty look you will need:
 Nail Varnish:
RedGreen, WhiteClear
 Green Glitter
 Dotting tool or Cocktail stick
 Small paintbrush
Starting with freshly cleaned nails, filing them here and there if need be,  apply a clear base coat. This protects the coloured nail varnish from discolouring your nails.

Take your red polish and for best coverage apply two coats to each nail.

Next it's time to start creating the Strawberries leaves! You can create the leaves using a brush but I find it easiest using a dotting tool, eBay sell super cheap ones if you're interested! Or just use the alternative which can be a cocktail stick, tooth pick and so on. 
Take your dotting tool and drop some green nail polish onto a protected surface [I previously mentioned the palette I use for my dotting tools in my last nail art tutorial: Floral Nail Art]. 
Begin to dot along the top of your nail and gently drag or dot the paint down creating the Strawberry leaves, sort of a paint dripping/ spiky look. This doesn't have to be accurate as you will be covering up the base green with glitter!

Whilst the 'leaves' are drying, drop a couple blobs of white nail varnish onto a protected surface, then, using your dotting tool, begin to add on the Strawberry pips these can be dots or thin lines - this also works with yellow and black polish but I personally think white pips looks most effective.

Now for the fancy part, take your clear coat and trace over the green leaves. Before the clear coat dries, take a small paintbrush, dip it into the green glitter and softly plant the glitter onto the nail. Repeat for all nails! I'm using my nail art brushes I bought on eBay and glitter from my local craft store, very inexpensive and super effective.

All that's left to do now is to seal everything together, taking your clear coat paint over each nail and watch your Strawberry nails shimmer to their delicious yumminess.

I hope you enjoyed those 6 simple steps to edible-looking nails! Perfect for a picnic in the park with the summer sun or even when your shivering in a jumper to brighten a rainy day (in England you never can predict the weather..)
Any excess glitter will naturally fall away, leaving your nails looking ripe and clean!

I'd love to see your photos if you re-create this look, share them with me over on my Twitter or Instagram making sure you tag me in them! Also don't forget to drop me a comment if you have any nail art requests for future tutorials, perhaps you'd like to see some more fruit, flowers or even a duckling dancing by the moon - request away!

What's you're favourite thing to do in Spring/ Summer? :)

I'm off to eat some strawberries, ha, ha, haaa..
Have a lovely day,

With love,

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  1. These are SO cute! I love the added touch with the green glitter. You make it look so easy!


    1. Ah thank you! Everything's better with added glitter ;). Ahh give it a go - would look lovely! x