Saturday, May 10, 2014

The National UK Blog Awards!

"She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. 
She belonged to no man and to no city." - Roman Payne

The UK Blog Awards - The Ceremony 
[Below photo: Myself, Caitlin, Laura, Suzy, Nadia, Katie, Gemma & Natasha]
Hello, hello people of the internet,
In case you've been wondering where oh where have I been lately due the lack of posts and all that jazzy-jazz.. I've been wrapping up my final year at Central Saint Martins, which is where I've been studying my Art Foundation this past year, so I've been ultra busy with coursework, deadlines, exhibitions, evaluations, annotations, and so, so much more aaaaand I can now breathe. So yep - apologies for not posting as much as I'd have ideally liked, mad how fast that year went - so now I gots lots of time to do the other things I enjoy, which means more posts, woohoo!

Anywhos, now we know where I've been - this post is all about my night at the UK Blog Awards, what a mad night it was indeed. Unsure what the Blog Awards is? You can read my previous post about the voting process and all that here. It felt like such a long time waiting, myself and lots of other blogging nominee hopefuls had been itching for this event since late last year!! Friday the 25th of April saw the 'Oscars of Blogging' world take place in the heart of St. Pauls hotel, I gotta say, it is one swanky hotel.

With thanks to your votes - my blog was up for an award! As a newly-ish blogger, this is just the most exciting thing, I was up for 'Most Innovative' blog, thank you to those who voted for my blog - even though the event is now over, it still means oh so much! Still can't quite get my head round how I got through to the final 10 in the Most Innovative category, out of hundreds of entries, there I was, name published in the Blog Awards brochure - GAH, so humbled and grateful for your loveliness in voting for my blog! I do hope you enjoy this read of my nights adventure!
Prior to hopping on the train to London feeling sick/ nervous/ excited/ confused/ worried/ omgad.. I spent the majority of my day preparing, getting all my bits and bobs ready - camera charged, nails painted, jewellery all lined up.. And my dress, must stop prancing around the house in my dress..I ordered this rather swooshy black dress online at Asos (where half my wardrobe is from, oops) the dress is by 'Religion Clothing', a quirky brand with a vibe of All Saints to it, they gotsa' lot of black clothes which is wonderful as I do like to wear my black here and there, I love their stuff and even better, it was in the sale - toot! It has so many layers, I felt like a Dementor from Harry Potter - o0o0.. I matched it with my mini harmonica necklace, cluttered my hands with rings, and delicately hand painted some yummy strawberries on my nails - I've got a little tutorial lined up for those so you can create them yourself if you fancy!

The day flew by super fast and before I knew it, I was off with my ticket in hand on a train into London.

I arrived a little earlier than planned, which was kinda handy as I got myself lost wondering around London - I had indeed walked the whole circle of St Paul's and missed the hotel completely, I took to Google maps where I somehow managed to find the right path - I had my dress rolled up neatly with my high shoes in one hand, in the other I was holding my Google-mapped phone along with my camera and dressy bag all whilst trying to juggle an umbrella - I must have looked quite the something. With what felt like a struggle, I did indeed arrive in one piece *fist pump*.

As soon as I stepped foot into the super smart hotel, I noticed the huge 'pole' (is it a pole? I'mma a call it pole) lit up with the Blog Awards branding along with some of it's sponsors for the evening such as Content Click, Twinings Tea and Luma to name a few!
On arrival I signed myself in, grabbed a lanyard which indicated what my blog was about, checked in my bags to the cloak room and finally taking my complementary glass of champagne. The Wren Suite was dressed wonderfully, with the Hollywood theme left, right and centre, I just couldn't wait for the awards to start!
The tasty treats were flowing, with cupcakes, candy floss and popcorn all around, I was one little content human. Candy floss is literally one of my weaknesses - the cutest little sweet themed carnival stand fulfilled my candy floss needs and I went back numerous times for more - ohhh yes I did..
(Source: Blog Awards)

It was so lovely meeting new faces, speaking of all things creative and adventurous. It was just so nice to chill, get to know people and try and take everything in. That's one thing I love most about blogging, you instantly have something in common - I'm the most awkward human in the world, but when it comes to talking to fellow bloggers, you just want to talk about what you love and all things wonderful and everyones journey so far - 'tis pretty great. Meet some of the groovy people I met below (some lovely old and new faces you may have seen already on my blog!)
All the bloggers, presenters, interviewers, advertisers, friends, family, every kind of person - gathered in their hundreds to sit back with excitement that the awards were about to take place. I was sat with Beth, Katie.O, Natasha, Nadia and Katie.M, literally counting each category down. It's a moment I'll always remember :). The atmosphere was lovely, everyone was smiling and encouraging the greatness, it was also dreamy looking at all the outfits for the evening - the 'dress to impress' dress code did not disappoint!(Source: Blog Awards)

The awards ran in order of category, as I was nominated for 'Most Innovative' I had a while to nervously wait, there's 14 categories all together, and my talented friends were also nominated - it was so lovely to share the experience, we were all huddled cheering one another on.
A huge congratulations to:
Natasha - For winning 'Young Persons' Award
Caitlin - For winning 'Best Individual Events Blog' Award
Katie.O - For winning 'Highly Commended' in the Young Persons category 
Beth - For being nominated in the 'Lifestyle' category
and Katie.M - For being nominated in the 'Retail & Fashion' category
Check out more of the Highly Commended, the Winners and the Finalists.
I just couldn't play it cool when my name was called - I let out a little scream and a jiggle to follow, such a weird feeling, after just a year of blogging and I've made it as a finalist in the first ever 'UK Blog Awards' - staying up until 3am editing all felt so worth it (although I should probably try and stop doing that...) A very surreal feeling being up against ultra talented bloggers, at this point I was just so excited to even be sat in the black dressed chairs looking up at the host for the evening - Alan Stevens, and feeling so appreciative of being nominated.

A huge congratulations to the Highly Commended winners of the Most Innovative Category:
& the overall winner of the Most Innovative Category:

I may not have walked away with an award, but I sure didn't walk away empty handed, I left with a soul full'a wonder and ambition, and lovely new friends in toe. Very humbling, the blogging world, you sure can be great. It was a pleasure meeting lots of new people - if you said hello.. Hello! And thanks for making my first award ceremony a rather special one!
After the awards had all been dished out, it was then time for the night to get started - we danced and we danced and we danced and we talked some more, drank some more, ate some more sweet things, sang along with the band and also got customising our own personalised bags. A rather funky photography/ graphics/ publishing company going by the name of 'Luma' had a fancy electronic station all set up, you could chose from different shapes, fruits, animals, colours, themes, you name it - I went for foxes, bears and pineapples as they are three of my all time favourites. Whacked them on top of a galaxy backdrop, added my name (really un-cool, it was on the spot, the only other alternative I had in my head was 'cabbage'..) and 5 minutes later, I got myself a bag!

We may have got a little photograph happy in the following photos.. 
The 'just smile and why not flick your dress in the air' pose..
[Myself, Caitlin, Suzy, Nadia and Natasha]
Moving into the 'quick lets do something interesting' pose..
[Myself, Caitlin, Suzy, Nadia and Natasha]
The 'this is all we could think of, I don't know - TA-DA' pose..
[Myself, Caitlin, Suzy, Nadia and Natasha]

[Myself, Laura and Natasha]
The lighting was a little crazy, one minute ya pink, the next ya blue, green, purple - kinda cool! It all got a little exciting when us three realised we were all wearing different kinds of 'swooshy' black dresses, easily pleased!

(Source: Laura)
(L)[Myself, Caitlin, Laura, Katie & Gemma]
(R)[Myself, Caitlin, Laura, Suzy, Nadia, Katie, Gemma & Natasha]

The night ended with me struggling to carry a heavy roll of wallpaper, a juicy goodie bag (contents including: brownies, cookies, mojito drink, pens, memory sticks, samples, magazines, hot chocolate & more!) wondering around to find the tube station and admiring St Pauls Cathedral with all the girls - it's so pretty at night! Another huge thank you to anyone who voted for my blog in the awards - it makes me super happy to even say I was nominated and a finalist, it was a night I'll remember for a long time.

Last but not at all the least, a huge thank you to Gemma (Founder & Managing Director) and Becki (Collaborative Partner) for creating and organising such a wonderful event for us, all your hard work and passion sure did pay right off - thanks for creating these cherished memories!

So there we jolly well go, The UK Blog Awards is a wrap. But, but, but, not so fast.. The UK Blog Awards opens it's gates early this year - for a brand new reel of nominees, you could be part of the Blog Awards 2015! Head on back to The UK Blog Awards early in July 2014 for all the steps and info you'll need to enter - and a huge good luck if you go for it!

It's been such an awesome journey, and I've fo'sure met amazing people along the way.
I hope you've enjoyed reading all about my experience, hay - it could be you next year!

Have a lovely day.

With love,

Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post, read more about my disclaimers here.


  1. Ahh what a great post! It was lovely to meet you and join in with all the fun - I had such a great night! Once again congrats on being a finalist - fingers crossed for next year, hey? :)

    1. Ah thank you :)! You too, look forward to hopefully meeting up again soon! Thanks so much and another huge congrats to you, so deserved - ohhh I don't know about that! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me and well done on being a finalist! I'm so jealous of your crazy nails that I'm looking forward to checking out the tutorial of how to do them. Sorry I didn't get to say hello at the awards. Hopefully meet you at next year's one :)

    1. Ahh no worries you're welcome, eeek thank you :)! Oo yay glad you like, the post will be going live either tomorrow or Saturday so do come on back! It'd be nice to meet another time, ooo you never know! Huge congrats again!