Friday, June 13, 2014

Lovely things, Haul & Ice cream

"I was always an unusual girl, my mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean." - Lana Del Rey 

My lovely mother and I recently went on our shopping adventures where we bought a whole loada' Summery goodness. We traveled to Lakeside (with our flasks of tea snug in the cup holders), a huge shopping centre just on the doorstep of Essex. I love our days out together and particularly look forward to these kinda trips, my mum is super fun to hang out with - it's guaranteed laughter and sing-alongs!

The day usually goes a little something like this, spending 3 hours exploring the three-story high Primark (we don't know how or why we take so long), further laughing/ crying at how much our feet ache whilst walking about Forever 21 (kind of in love with that shop), maybe dipping into the Disney Store (usually discussing and pointing out all the groovy things, which is basically everything..), struggling to walk back to the car with a whole lotta' bags, venturing to our (my) favourite place - Ikea, having lunch which is usually kids pasta if not then kids fish and chips, joint with a free cuppa tea along with going back for coffee - because ya know, free. Then having a jolly swell time adventuring Ikea, buying candles, frames, storage, napkins, other weird things etc.. Ending the day with a chocolate ice cream for me and a strawberry ice cream for my mum. We then sing in the car on the way home and have another cup of tea waiting for us when we arrive home greeted by my dad! So yep, I kinda like days like this.

This post is a little insight/ review on the goodies/ accessories I bought - minus clothes as we'd be here all day (unless you'd like to see that then let me know)! Accessory shopping for Summer is so exciting, the shops are jammed with bright colours and the weather is equally as bright! I hope you enjoy reading about all the goodies I purchased!
[What's your ideal day out?]
Hand towel: £3 // Watermelon Candle: £1.50 // Skull Ring: 50p
All other prices below...
I'm such a fan of candles, my favourite scents are cinnamon and vanilla so when falling upon (literally, I tripped over my foot as I went to reach out for this candle, smaaa-ooooth) this candle I was just taken to a world where watermelons were hugging my nostrils and showering me with watermelon greatness. Yep, I have got a new love - watermelon scented candles, honestly this is one of the yummiest smells and I feel that you all need to experience, so if you're passing a Primark, go and give one of these candles a sniff, but watch your step..

Pictured top left is a rather striped out colourful hand towel, I've fortunately got my own en-suite in my bedroom which is full of colourful things, so whenever I'm out shopping and my eyes so happen to find things like this towel, I just have to buy it. It's the perfect way to brighten up any bathroom (plus it's super soft)!
[Are you too a lover of colourful essentials?]
BAG: £1.50 - PRIMARK
Each year I always buy a new beach bag, although I probably shouldn't do that as my collection seems to be growing out of control, but I always feel a new bag is a good start to Summery days! I picked up this cute daisy tote from Primark, it's got a square 'bottom' so it's great for popping in a beach towel with still having plenty of room for all your other essentials. With yellow being one of my favourite colours and the cute quote, I'd say this bag is quite a delight!
[What can't you go without in your holiday bag?] - Mine is definitely a good book and headphones!

3 pack RINGS: £2.50 - PRIMARK
If you haven't already guessed, I looooove rings. Very rarely do I leave the house with bare hands, and when it comes to shopping the voice in my head fails to guide me away from the rings, I just crumble and buy a load - that's the best thing to do right? For obvious reasons I just had to buy these, snakes, aqua, chunky = ring heaven. I bought these in a size small so I could wear them alternatively as midi rings too if I fancied!

4 pack MIDI RINGS: £1.50 - PRIMARK
Alongside my love for chunky rings, comes my love for dainty rings. Nothing adds to an outfit more than simple/ delicate jewellery, I can't wait to dress up my hands in these rings. I can't even vision a world where midi rings didn't exist, they've became my absolute favourites - how did I live without them!
[What's your favourite kind of jewellery?]

Summer season is where we say adios to socks and boots and hola to sandals and anklets! Anklets always look so lovely and instantly add a summery touch when wearing one, or two.. or three? I've really taken a liking to these bracelet's/ anklets, they work both ways! With the chains being a little longer than usual, these bracelets can also be worn as anklets which is kind of a bonus as these are my favourite looks for an anklet, simplistic and sweet. I've been wearing the wishbone on my ankle - and ohhh how I love it so!

Top Left: £3 // Middle: £4 // Bottom Left: £2 - PRIMARK
You can't go through Summer without wearing flowers in your hair, you just can't! I was so impressed with the variety of flower crowns and accessories at Primark, I just wanted them all! I came away with these three, all different, all equally visually pleasing. I'm excited to wear the circle of sunflowers in my hair when I've got my hair up in a ponytail or a bun, I think it'll add such a sweet touch. I'm going to be taking the headbands on holiday with me to wear around the pool or a walk to the beach, all in all, when I have flowers in my hair, all is good, all is good.

2x POTS: £2.50 each - IKEA (brushes not included..)
These cute little pots are so perfect for storing my make up brushes and other bits like pens, pencils, washi tape and so on. They are such a handy size, I'm a freak when it comes to organising, everything HAS to have it's own little place, these little pots look ever so neat and lovely on my shelves, white pots with cute cut outs are a WIN. These also come in a larger size, I use my larger pot for storing little tea light candles.
[Do you have these pots too? What do you use them for?]

Once we wondered the shops and literally shopped until we could have quite happily dropped, it was time to round off our day with our favourite adventure still to come - IKEA! I'm unsure why, but this place just makes me so happy, is that really lame and odd? Are you too a great fan of Ikea?!With our free cups of tea in hand and a yummy plate of fish and chips too, myself and my mum had a jolly good chat gazing out the window and thinking of all the things that we'd just brought in the town. My personal favourite section of Ikea is the kids department, like I don't care, no matter how old you are, you have to look at all the cool toys and wonder in and out of the tents and the cool egg chair which I've demonstrated below.. (Side note, how cool is the chair that's just dangling from the kitchen ceiling?!)
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Another little tradition me and my mum seem to do is pick up one of the stuffed toys, carry it with us round the whole shop and then leave it sitting comfortably at the end on a chair or on top of a cardboard box (usually surrounded by other cuddly toys, don't worry I would never abandon a stuffed/ real toy!) and waving goodbye, like a little Ikea buddy I guess? That's what I'll call it. This Ikea trip saw us carry a little Fawn dressed in a waistcoat, he was the cutest - ah. Of course though, many times the cuddly toys often find their way home with me.. In the past I've bought a smiling broccoli (Gilbert), a rather large and totally wonderful elephant (Jerek) and a long-cushioned hippo (Marmaduke) aaand a sweet rabbit (Avaranah) who constantly looks like she wants a hug, all of whom I love dearly. However this time mum didn't fancy me adding anymore to my collection, which was a sensible move I guess! (I'll be back..)

Just as you leave Ikea there is a little food bit where you can buy yummy snacks and drinks for the road, and as mentioned at the beginning of this post - we always, always buy an ice cream. It's a funky little ice cream machine, you pop in a token, select the flavour and as if by magic, the ice cream is yours to grab! Mum got strawberry and I got chocolate, we smiled lots and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I hope you liked that little haul along with an insight to our day.
May you too have wonderful adventures and cherish
them up into little jars to keep forever.

I hope you're all well and
have a lovely day.
 [Psssst, I'm going on holiday soon - agh!]

With love,

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