Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stripy Nail Art Tutorial!

"Don't waste your time explaining who you are to 
people who are committed to misunderstanding you." - Lecrae 
I am back and bringing a nail art tutorial your way..
I'm super excited to be sharing this look with you's, it's a personal favourite and is fit for this bright weather we're having! I hope you're all having a lovely sunshiny Summer so far and eating tubs and tubs of ice cream. Why not paint your nails whilst eating ice cream? Or just read this post whilst also eating ice cream? We all know that's a groove idea. If you're a fan of brightly striped and eye-catching nails then look no further, I've narrowed down this tutorial to just six easy steps so you can get styling your very own finger tips! So without further or do.. Lets get stripy!Check out my previous nail art tutorials/ mentions of my nails below:
- Do feel free to leave any nail art requests, I love making these tutorials!  -
To create this bright stripy look you will need:
 Nail Varnish:
Green Pink Orange Blue Purple WhiteClear or Matte
(all of these colours are optional, I just wanna go a bit colour 
mad. One colour and the white looks just as effective!)
 Sellotape (mine is slightly matte/ not as strong, sticky)
Are your nails shaped, cleaned and polished to your satisfaction? They are!? Then lets go - start by applying a clear base coat protecting your natural nail (things are about to get colourful..)

As previously mentioned, you of course don't have to have each nail an individual colour, but I personally think it's more fun this way! I also seem to have grabbed my entire 'Barry M - Gelly' collection. These colours are so perfect for Summer and are a joy to use.

>> Left to Right <<
Key Lime | Grapefruit | Asda/ Orange | Prickly Pear | Greenberry

Apply two coats of bright nail varnish to each individual coloured nail.

Taking your scissors, begin to cut vertically creating thin strips of tape. The thinner you cut the tape then the thinner or thicker the stripe is on the nail.

To avoid the bits of tape annoyingly sticking flat or sticking to yourself, then grab a book to stick your freshly cut strips to the edge (I've gone for Harry Potter because, great). This is good to do when your nails are drying so you're not sat waiting for the paint to dry (or if easier then cut your strips of tape beforehand!)

For this striped look I use around 3-4 strips of tape per nail, so to be on the safe side I make sure I cut just around 40 strips.

Now for the fun sticking part! I find it easiest to start placing the strips of tape on my little finger and working my way towards my thumb. This can get a little fiddly, so you might find using tweezers for this bit a little more on the handy side! I usually leave about the same tape width in-between each piece of tape - depending on how you want your stripes to look!

Once all the strips are firmly stuck to each nail, take your white nail varnish and apply two coats. I'm using this white polish from 'Natural Collection'. 

[Miniature review] I've never used any products from Natural Collection before and especially with white polish I'm always a little skeptical of it being ultra weak, however I have found a new must have white polish - 5 stars from me! I look forward to venturing to the shops and purchasing some more (because that's totally okay to do when you already have a big collection of nail varnishes, riiiiiiiight?)

Give your nails about 10 minutes to completely dry, this is to ensure that the next step will super effective and neat! The dryer the white nail polish, the better the boldness of stripe!
Now for my favourite part (also very satisfying!) Taking the tweezers or without whatever's easiest, begin to slowly peel back the tape one at a time and be amazed as the bold colours from underneath reappear!

Keep peeling that tape back until your left with your rather swanky, stripy, colourfully bold nails attached to ya fingertips. Lastly apply a matte or clear coat (I'll leave that decision in your hands) to seal off the colourful deal!

I've finished off this look by applying a matte coat (I bought mine from Primark, it's good and cheap but takes a while to dry - let me know if you've tried any other Matte polishes - any recommendations?)

So here they are in all their striping glory. I think this is such a fun look, making these Summer days feel a little groovier. I love to complete this look by cluttering my fingers in jewellery, what's your favourite way to accessorise?
I hope you enjoyed this rather stripy tutorial! If I've perhaps inspired you in re-creating this look then I'd love to see! Send me a picture over on Twitter or go ahead and tag me on Instagram!

[*P.s.. Thanks for sticking by! I'm aware I haven't blogged for a while, sometimes things can be a tad poop and I'm still learning the best ways of dealing with that! But out with the excuses and in with the blog posts - I hope you're as excited as I am with lots of juicy blogging-ness from me coming your way - stay great, great people!*]

May you have a lovely day.

With love,

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