Friday, August 22, 2014

Yummy Rainbow Cupcakes!

"Don't you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of 
the greatness that you are." - Jo Blackwell-Preston

Somewhere over the rainbow, you maybe, just maaaybe may find a bundle of yummy cupcakes, maybe.. I've been watching The Wizard of Oz again, and my baking brain went a little 'woohoo lets bake rainbow things and sing rainbow songs whilst baking the rainbow things!'

So, with all that, I've baked up some rather scrummy Rainbow Cupcakes, capturing this step by step tutorial on the way so that if you so wish you can create and bake them for yourself (I highly advise you do, they are yuuum!) Along with my Wizard of Oz influence, comes my love for The Great British Bake Off and The Next Great Baker. It's impossible not to get into the baking spirit when watching these programmes, I wonder if Mary, Paul and Buddy are a fan of rainbow cupcakes? More importantly are you a fan of rainbow cupcakes? Come along and see for yourself!

This recipe is super fun and colourful, perfect for cheering someone up with a cup of tea in toe. So grab your cooking utensils and get your rainbow on, for it's time to get baking, and time for me to tone it down on the cheese..
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(Makes 12 Cupcakes)
 2 Eggs
 2 tbsp Milk 
 110g Caster Sugar
 110g Softened Butter
 110g Self Raising Flour
 12 Cupcake Cases
 4 Different Coloured Food Colouring

 75g Softened Butter
 150g Icing Sugar
 White Fondant Icing
 Multicoloured Fizzy Strips
 Mini Marshmallows
 Flower (or any optional shape) Cookie Cutter
PREHEAT THE OVEN: 190ºCBegin this colourful journey by measuring out all your ingredients. Pop all the ingredients into a large bowl and either using a whisk or wooden spoon mix it all up until light and fluffy (like a sweet lil Unicorn... "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GUNNA DIE!")

Now for the colourful part! What makes these cupcakes even more exciting is when you bite into them, instead of being greeted by a boring batter mix, you'll instead be greeted by a maze of colours! I've selected four different colours for these cupcakes as these were the ones I had in my cupcake cupboard -  but feel on free to go as crazy on the colour as you like, the more colour the better!

Split the cupcake mix into smaller separate bowls, adding different food colouring to each and mixing thoroughly. 

Once all the mixings out the way, this is the time I usually line my baking tray - I've gone for these funky animal printed cases I spotted in Tescos. A little random on the animal print but I simply couldn't resist! (Also, I totally didn't plan to paint my nails to match up or anything..)Taking a spoonful of colour from each bowl, begin to pop your different coloured cake mix into each individual cupcake case. Taking it in turns to place a different colour on top.
As I'm using four different colours, I continued this process until each case had a collection of four different colours.

Whilst the cupcakes are getting all snug in the oven, begin to prepare your butter cream icing. Mixing the butter and icing sugar all together until smooth and all yummy looking (not forgetting to lick the bowl afterwards..)
Once 10-13 minutes is up and your cupcakes seem cooked all the way through (you can test this by popping a small knife through the centre of each cupcake and checking the knife is almost clean and not smothered in uncooked-ness). Pop your cupcakes onto a cooling tray to cool on down.

Fondant icing time! Pssst.. I'll let you into a secret, this is the first time I've used fondant icing, over my short baking time I've been so curious to give it a go - I did, and I am now a great fan!
Sprinkle some icing sugar onto a chopping board or clean surface and begin to roll out your icing fondant, you want to leave about a 3mm/5mm width so the fondant won't crack and be all poop.
I really just wanted an excuse to use fondant icing, as just mentioned I've never really used it before and thought that this little cookie cutter fondant thing could act as the clouds for the rainbow (plus the added rainbow marshmallows which are added later!) I'm using this little flower cookie cutter and double checking it fits the top of the cupcake so it doesn't get over cramped and go over the edge. This steps optional I guess, but it sure does add to the yummy taste when complete!

When I was baking these cupcakes and preparing the fondant icing, I had a little thought that blue would look groovy, so instead of the white acting as more clouds, the blue could instead make the sky - something I'll have in mind the next time I bake these! Anywhos whites just as great - once you've cut out all your shapes from the icing, it's then time to stick the flower base onto your cupcakes.Using the back of a small metal spoon, spread some butter cream on top of your cupcake and pop on the iced fondant flower, extra secure so it won't be flying off anywhere soon!Continue to do this on all of your cupcakes!

Nows where the cupcake comes to life, rainbow style! 
To create the rainbow, I bought these multicoloured sour sweet strips from my local supermarket, I'm pretty certain you'll be able to find these in most supermarkets/ pound stores. I measured out the strips over the cupcake and found the best length is simply by cutting the sweet strip in half. (Theres plenty left over to eat nom nom nom..)
To secure this sweet treat rainbow in it's place, apply two blobs of butter cream either side and with a bit of patience place on the sour strip and hold in place until the butter cream holds, creating a pretty lil rainbow arch.

Lastly, the finishing touch. Add some cute mini marshmallows to either side of the rainbow for extra tasty clouds! Pop some butter cream onto each marshmallow and they'll be sitting happy either side ready for you to come along and eat it all up!

Ahh I had so, so much fun baking these! The excitement I had when cutting into the cupcakes, rather in love with how bright the colours turned out! I hope you enjoyed that tasty trip to the end of the rainbow! If you do follow this recipe, then I hope you enjoy every minute as much as you enjoy scoffing them up! Any excuse to bake them to brighten up a rainy day - and because they taste so darn good, mmmm-mmmm!
I'd love to see your take on this recipe, if I have tempted you into creating these then be 
sure to share your snaps with me over on Twitter or Instagram!

And if you're like me and are religiously watching The Great British Bake Off,
who's your favourite so far?! I'm a fan of Norman I must say..

Thanks for reading/ having a nose!
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Personalised Phone Case

"Some days it storms, some days it shines. This is how flowers grow." - Pavana

Howdy Campers, I am onto my fourth cup of coffee and feeling all the awake-ness things. Comin' atcha with a little review! If you're like me and own a never ending collection of iPhone cases, then you may be tempted into peeking at this post, I was able to design a rather cool one! A company going by the name of 'Mr. Nutcase' (their logo is a small looking squirrel kicking a football, which won me over stttttraight away damn it..) got in touch and asked if I'd like to create and try out one of their personalised phone cases, I quickly dashed to gather my favourite photos and began designing a very frame fuelled case. The website is super easy to navigate and the results are rather pleasing.
With a large array of templates, designs and styles of cases to chose from, I was impressed with the website and how you could create a case to your desiring personalised needs. I wanted to fit as many photos on my case as possible so I went for all the frames on just a clear plastic case for my iPhone 5s - noice and simple (plus I don't have many hardback cases as I'm always dropping my phone, but this one so far is still going strong along with my phone *touching all the woods*!) The cases on the website don't just fit iPhones, there is in fact a case for pretty much every electronic machine - so why not check that on out if you're curious!

I'm really pleased with the quality of the pictures on my case, it's always a bummer ordering anything personalised and it arriving super fuzzy and outta' focus. It was a little daunting picking from oh so many photos of mine - the ones I chose are the sweetest of memories that I thought would be nice to have on me at all times, as my phone is on me, at all times.. With that in mind I also wanted my case to be colourful, so I made sure I had a few eye-popping pictures in there!

In terms of the quality of the clear case, it's nothing too fancy, just ya everyday, plastic feeling hardback case. Any the who's, I feel safe and secure with my phone snugging into it - that is until I drop it off a mountain or the less dramatic scenario off it just sliding off my lap as I get out the car, then it's just the fight between the concrete and the hopefully not so cracked phone screen.

I ordered my phone case and within two days there it was, laying peacefully on my doormat, thumbs up for quick delivery. I'd definitely consider ordering another personalised case from this website if I ever get to wearing this one down, it does the job and along with that it's a super personal memento!

To round things off, the lovely people at Mr. Nutcase have offered my readers a 10% discount code if perhaps you too would like to order your very own personalised case - simply tap in  'Thanku10' at the checkout and with additional free worldwide delivery you'll be well on your way to personalised casing wonders! Don't forget to share your photos with me if you do create one, Tweet me or tag me on Instagram. I'd love to see your designs! Spreading all kinds of personalised joy over here - ahoy!

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