Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial!

"I'm a master of fright, and a demon of light, and I'll scare you right out of your pants!" - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Hello Halloween, you came around oh so quickly. Halloween is one of the greatest times of the year, the colours are so full of loveliness and not forgetting the fun of decorating your house spreading wonders of Halloween all over the place, and a favourite thing in particular of mine to do is decorate my nails, of course! (And drinking tons of hot drinks whilst watching a ton of scary films wearing the baggiest of jumpers I can find..)

I get a tad excited when there is a new celebration to be celebrated, whats not to love about matching your nails with a certain theme! So Halloween is extra exciting as the nail decorating is endless. I've had a lot of fun already this October painting these designs on a handful of lovely people, the reactions have been rather wonderful so it felt only right that I create a tutorial for this spooky look so you too can join the Halloween fun - wooohooo!

I've created five different designs so each nail has a unique dash of the spooky spirit! I hope you enjoy the tutorials and perhaps paint them on your nails and share with me, have a wonderful Halloween, don't forget to eat lots of sweets and dress on up in your scariest gear!

Don't fancy creating this spooky nail art? Feel on free to check out some of my other nail art tutorials below:
green | white | black | dotting tool or nail art pen
- Apply two coats of green nail varnish, I'm using Barry M 'Key Lime'.
- Begin to outline the hair for Frankenstein with black nail varnish and then fill it all in!
- Dot on two eyes and eyebrows!
- Finish by carefully drawing a smile with added 'scars' and two white dots and black dots for the pupils! 
- I tend to avoid a topcoat as it completely smudges the black, even when it's dry! But go ahead if you're a brave top coater!

white | blue | black | red | dotting tool or nail art pen
- Apply two coats of white nail varnish.
- Taking your dotting tool or nail art pen, apply a circular blob of blue nail varnish.
- Add on the red veins in a sort of branching stem effect.
- The same way you added the blue blob, next add on a white blob!
- Finishing off the 'bloody eye' look with a black dot for the pupil!

black | orange | dotting tool or nail art pen
- Apply two coats of orange nail varnish.
- With your dotting tool or nail art pen, begin to outline the face of your pumpkin (you can neaten up the lines when it comes to filling it all in).
- Finish off your pumpkin look by filling in all the outlines, and you will have one happy lookin' pumpkin!

red | white | dotting tool or nail art pen
- Apply two coats of white nail varnish.
- Using your dotting tool or nail art pen, start to outline the blood drips not forgetting the two extra drips dripping off at the end!
- To finish off this look fill in all the dripping blood outlines with your red nail varnish and be ready to show them off!

white | black | dotting tool or nail art pen
- Apply two coats of black nail varnish.
- Using your dotting tool or nail art pen (I find this look a lot easier with a nail art pen) with white nail varnish begin to mark three lines in a star shape on your nail.
- Now going from one line to the other, add a slightly inward curved line (this can be a tad fiddly!)
- Keep on going until you start to see your cobweb forming!

Which ones your favourite?!
Thank you for stopping by! As always, I had alotta' fun creating this tutorial, I'd love to see any of your photos if you recreate these, shout over on my Twitter or Instagram! These are great for showing off at a Halloween party or opening the door to lots of trick or treaters ready to pinch all the sweets!

Stuck on what to carve on your pumpkin? I did a little post on this last year, check out my pumpkin carving tutorial, creating your very own Jack!

See you in November for a mixture of Autumn and Summer things (my Spanish adventure posts are on their way! Gotta love a bit of Summer as we approach Winter, riiiiight?)

Have the best Halloween, mwahaha..

With love,

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