Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spain 2 - Grandad's Place & Ice Cream

"No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful 
time." - Lewis Carroll
[Spanish Adventure Post 2/2]
Ah, so in what feels like forever, here is the second part to my Spanish Adventure posts. Psssst, may contain lots of bubblegum ice cream, colourful buddhas and a very fond place of mine. Catch up with Part 1 'Wander & Watermelon Nails' here! I've been a little distant from blogging as something super exciting happened, I moved out! The beginning of January saw me fly on out of my family home and venture onto something new in Brighton, I now live with 6 other lovely people in student halls and it's been wonderful so far. A lot more happier and a lot more convenient for getting to and from university. I've got a bedroom post on it's way, so I'm excited to share my little living space on here!

Prepare to feast your eyeballs on lots of terracotta and name writing in the sand. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the last of the Spanish-ness! Uno, dos, tres!


Hat - Primark  |  Playsuit - Asos  |  Shoes - Primark
Bil Bil, Benalmadena. After over 20 years of my grandparents venturing out to Spain, my Grandad grew fond of one place in particular. The place I now wander to where I feel as though he's never left. He was my favourite, and this little peachy red building has become such a special spot for me to walk on over to and just breathe and 'remember all the happy things'.

I usually sit myself down on one of the newly varnished benches and just look out into the sea which is peacefully waving away. It's understandable why this was one of his favourite places in Spain. The atmosphere around Bil Bil is always wonderful, with wedding bells ringing and ceremonys being held throughout the year, with the added sun shining it's just a picture perefect scene, and I feel oh so lucky to call it a second home (Spain, not the 'castle', although, living inside it would be wonderful fo sure!)


About a 20 minute walk along the beach from my grandparents place you end up in the most loveliest port, 'Puerto Marina'. Full of life, colour, energy and music. With a slight hint from the photos, it's no lie I'm a tad in love with the shops situated in the port, buddhas and dreamcatchers all around, I never fail to make a purchase (oops)..

A fond memory of mine growing up in Spain was heading to the little bar right at the edge of the marina, you could literally put your hands in the water and touch the hundreds of fish, it's €1 for a little bag of bread to feed them, I remember the excitement seeing all the fish swim up to the top and nibble away, I used to think it was the most magical thing, kept myself and my brother content for ages! Of course over the years you grow out of certain things, and this seems to be one of the things we don't do as much anymore (also partially because health and safety got involved and have since put up a  metal fence so you can no longer touch the water/ or the fish, boo!) but hey it's another reason why this little part of town holds many treasurable memories from my childhood, and I'm oh so greatful for that.


If ever you're craving a specific kind of whacky flavoured ice cream then Spain is the ideal spot to be craving such thing, with indulging ice cream parlours situated on every corner, it's impossible to say no. A guilty pleasure of mine is bubblegum flavoured ice cream, am I alone in thinking it's just the most wonderful ice cream flavour, ever?! After wandering about the port for a good hour or so, our last evening in Spain was coming to an end, the next morning myself and my brother would be jetting off back home, leaving my mum and dad in Spain to party on down for another week! Whats your favourite ice cream flavour? Lets all join together and celebrate that ice cream is a thing.

So with plenty of sunshine and freckles, cocktails and escaping to tell my worries the moon, the time had came upon us to hop aboard the spaceship and fly on back to England. I've gotten more used to flying now, compared to when I was younger I was oh so nervous. Now I tend to spend the hours thinking how the world is a thing and delving into deep thoughts, like how am I flying up here and people are down there walking on the ground, mind boggling, still! Also, does anybody else drink SO much tea when on an aeroplane? It doesn't even taste different (if anything, probably worse) but for a moment it's magic juice, ones happiness in a mug.

I hope 2015 for you has so far been nothing but wonder and happiness. A new years resolution of mine is to find happiness and be happiness. It's my most sensible resolution yet, I never did quite manage to quit eating Skittles, the very thing I said I'd do back in 2011.. 

Feel on free to have a peek at part 1 of this post if you missed it.
I will be back ever so soon with a tour of my new university room - oh so excited to share it *squee*!

Thanks for stopping by!

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