Sunday, March 29, 2015


Ah, hello!
I'm oh so excited to share my brand new blog design! I've been planning and planning and drawing and drawing and painting and panting (ya get it) for quite the while, working to create a juicy new place for my thoughts, works and wonders on the internet. I also think I've lost out on quite a lot of sleep while doing so, but hey!

"All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight." - Shannon L. Alder

I've been blogging all kindsa things on here for a while now, but never once have I really posted any of my artwork, which is what I love doing most, most, mostest. Hence the excitement for me to start sharing lots of it! And it starts with my new design, all drawn and painted/ edited by me and have loved doing so. 

Since turning myself completely nocturnal, I've spent my evenings/ early mornings soaking my ear drums into dreamy music, accompanied with a bowl of porridge, cup of tea and my arty essentials. With a new blog design in mind I began painting the first things that came into my head, as someone who is so visually drawn to fruit and the colours of fruit, it seemed only right that I paint my first fruit love, a pineapple. I used to want to be a pineapple, but that dream was shortly lived as the realisations of me actually becoming a pineapple weren't so promising..

After many drawings and many paintings later of different things (including an Octopus which can be found on my about me page..), I just kept coming back to the pineapple, and from then on I just couldn't resist making the pineapple the lead role in my new blog design.

Amongst the mini pineapple which represents the 'o' in my name, I drew lots more fruity fruit to keep him company. You may be able to spot the dancing fruit about my blog, my fruit clan are created entirely from watercolours using the softest, finest bristled paintbrush, may I introduce, Greta the Grape, Toberson the Watermelon, Agness (with two s's) the Pineapple and Plinkton the Peach, expect to see lots more of them!

I hope you like the new design and theme as much as I do, it's been a whole lotta fun editing my illustrations and creating a space I'm happy and passionate with.

I've got lots of new posts all lined up and ready to roll, including my trip to Hogwarts (!!!), my 20th birthday celebrations and a proper introduction to many more of my illustrations and artwork!

So, thanks oh so muchly for stopping by, it's lovely to have you here!
Feel on free to have a snoop around at all the new-ness!
Ahhh, see you soon!

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  1. It looks super cute and totally original - I love it! Well done you, I know how annoying and difficult re-designing your own blog can be but you've totally nailed it! <3

    1. Thank you oh so much lovey, super kind of you! x

  2. This post made me a sense of joy and delight. I wish you luck in this lovely and really good.

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