How d'ya do?! I'm Charlotte (or Charli, Lenia is my middle name, Parsons is my surname, preventing confusion since 1995) and at the current age of twenty one I'm mastering up a plan to wear all the pairs of wellingtons in the world..

Usually drinking tea somewhere, or covering myself in glitter and paint, and drawing characters with gangly arms and legs and I sometimes give them ears, only sometimes.

In Summer 2014 I finished my art foundation course at Central Saint Martins in London, I specialised in Illustration (and I drank way too much coffee).. Since leaving the busy land of London, I began a new venture to Brighton, I'm currently studying for 'hopefully' a degree in Illustration, woohoo.

I created my blog back in 2013, plonked down in front of my computer screen at the back of my old art room at college, and I was just rummaging and rummaging for hours, fixated on all the crafty/ beauty/ wonderful blogs that surf our very web. I kept finding myself saying 'I want to do that, I want to have a pretty online space too!' I've always been keen for webpages and getting down and dirty with 'html's', if my Piczo wasn't sparkling from head to toe, then one simply couldn't sleep. As someone who has always had their hands (or my whole body if it could fit) stuck into the arts and crafts cupboards, I'm always oh so keen at creating things, whether that be making a castle out of collected loo roll (we've all done it), making personalised labels for, everything.. and for my most recent art project I even went to the moon, see here!

I grew up in a very arty family, and have always been encouraged to make art, to find magic in anything and everything, and in the short while I've been blogging, it's been encouraging and exciting to share more of my art and try new things - all for trying new things me.

May you find my blog a happy place to wander on over to, filled with lots of nail art tutorials, scrummy baking recipes, general chitter chatter, adventures of mine and my art work.

Feel free to drop a question, whether that be what kind of milkshake I'd recommend or any other enquiries, my team of Elephants (Jerek & Trumpet) and sometimes my Broccoli (Gilbert).. or me.. will be happy to answer!

Now, would you like some tea?

disclaimers here.

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